Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Uncompahgre 10

It's Just A Tiny Spaceship-Mike

Well we went disc golfing this morning that was super fun. Mike has wanted to teach us how to disc golf for a while so he was super excited.  The Purpers also came so it was super fun.  
Also this week a member always has been teasing us about how we need to get permission to go to the bike rally in Sturgis.  He said he guessed we were never going to get permission so he went without us and just brought us t-shirts so that is awesome. 
This week was crazy... well you remember that guy Mitch?  He is on date to be baptized.  Crazy miracle that happened with that.  On Monday Mitch cancelled on us so we were a little sad, but later that night we got a text from Mike asking where Jesus comes to the Americas in the Book of Mormon.* We told him and asked why; he said well you see I am with Mitch he had a bad day and so we are just reading the Book of Mormon together and we wanted to read that part.  The next day we had a lesson with Mitch and Mike came.  We taught The Restoration and Mitch was like, "oh , Mike and I went over this pamphlet yesterday. He told me about the app.  This thing is awesome. We read the Book of Mormon for 2 hours yesterday and then Mike left and I just explored the things on the app for 4 more hours."  Mike was like "sorry." We were like, "Mike, it is fine."  We finished teaching The Restoration and Mitch loved it.  They are both so passionate about the gospel and it is super awesome.  We taught Mitch the Plan of Salvation and he said that it totally made sense.  He and Mike have decided that they are going to get together and read 2 Nephi together.  That is right, Mitch has already read to 2 Nephi 5. He is just so excited about the gospel it is amazing.  He came to church yesterday and loved it. 
Sister Purper was also super awesome and invited her friend that we are teaching and got her to come to church; it was amazing.  
Chuck also came to church and that was awesome.  
I hope you have a great week.
[*this is a link to the book of Third Nephi in the Book of Mormon. If you click  the link you can read a summary of each chapter; if you click on the chapter you can read the entire chapter]

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Uncompahgre 9

Baptisms and Sweet Corn

Well Mike got baptized and that was super awesome.  He is so happy.  We asked him yesterday how he felt and he said, "Can you not tell I am literally like glowing! Also my cheeks hurt I don't think they have ever hurt this bad" (from smiling so much).  His family came and that was super awesome. He is super excited to share the gospel with all of his friends.  

We found this guy named Mitch.  He is friends with one of the members and also with Mike.  The member's daughter came out of the house as we were trying to visit their neighbor. She said, "Hey so you know that guy Mitch? Well, he told my mom that he wants you guys to teach him more about Jesus. Do you guys want to do that?" We said, "of course" and we taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He is super excited to learn and loved everything that we said.  We are seeing him again tonight.  

This weekend was Cornfest and we helped out with trash duty.  It was super fun... since basically you get all you can eat Olathe Sweet Corn for free and it is great.  Then you can put different things on it. Sister Poulton tried a poultry meat rub.  I also tried sweet corn gelato.  It was surprisingly really good.  


Hope you all have a super great week. 

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people sitting, people standing, child and indoor 
(Ana with the Bakers- a family that used to live in our ward, but moved to CO.  They were able to go out to lunch together one day this week since they are in Ana's area)

Monday, July 31, 2017

Uncompahgre 8

I Thought it Was a Dead Cat But it is Just a Pile of Poop!

Well I kind of lost track of time so this will probably be a little short. 
I went on exchanges in Gunnisen and we helped at the assisted living center and helped them play bingo.  That was super fun.  
I also hit my year mark which is just crazy.  Elder Lunt from my MTC district is in my district so we took a picture.  I will have to send it next week.
MIKE IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON FRIDAY!!! I am only a little excited. He also asked if he could teach the lesson this week because he had a friend that was really struggling and he wanted to share the gospel with him.  We said of course. The friend didn't end up coming but we ended up talking about humility and it was a great lesson.  His mom also sat in again which was awesome.  
Chuck came to church again and loved it.  
Also we saw an entire rainbow.  Like we could see the full arch and see where both ends touched the ground it was amazing.  
Have a great week.
Sister Holcomb

Monday, July 24, 2017

Uncompahgre 7

 So You Are Saying Basically I Should Grow Anything Besides This- Yes That Is What I Am Saying.

We have an investigator that is growing a weed garden.  He showed it to us and I was like, "You should grow tomatoes in your garden."  Sister Poulton was like, "Or cucumbers those are good."  I was like, "Yeah, or corn; that seems to be a hit around here."  He was like, "So basically you are saying anything besides this" and starts to pet his plants with a sad look on his face.  
On Tuesday this week we went to get our tires changed in Montrose and we decided to stop at the A&W in back and it was amazing.  
Mike is doing great he is getting excited to be baptized. He loves the scriptures and learning new things about the gospel.  The other day in our lesson he told us his goal is to one day get the Melchizedek Priesthood. His fire end excitement about the gospel has kind of made his less-active mom take an interest. We taught them both a lesson the other day, it started as a lesson for Jodi that Mike sat in on then we ended Jodi's lesson and started Mike's and Jodi decided to sit in on it.  Jodi came to church with Mike and it was great.  
We are teaching this really awesome guy named Chuck.  He is working for a member of our ward and lives on his property.  He had been meeting with the missionaries in Montrose before he moved.  The member found out and now we have started teaching him again.  He came to church the last two weeks and loved it.  
This week we were eating dinner with a less active family and we made a joke to one of the teenage girls that she should come to a lesson after dinner.  Long story short she ended up coming and it was great. She ended up sharing a super awesome testimony of how she came to know that the Book of Mormon was the word of God and it was great.  After we went and got Sonic and she kind of opened up to us it was amazing.
William is still doing good.  He still does not really understand why he should pray. We have been reading scripture stories with him and talking about how prayer helped them in that story.  

Well I hope you all have a great week 

(Our area summed up in two pictures)


Monday, July 17, 2017

Uncompahgre 6

Our Awesome District

I am Killing Sister Poulton!
Well we got transfer news on Saturday and Sister Poulton and I are staying together.  It is her last six weeks in the mission which is crazy.  
This week we were at a dinner appointment and we were sharing a thought about the Title of Liberty and asked each member of the family what they were fighting for.  The Nephites were fighting for their families, land, liberty, and freedom.  We talked about how pretty much everyday we are fighting a battle. The teenage son said that he was fighting for all friendships, naps, and Taco Tuesday. That made us laugh.  He also has been writing the blues and he wrote a song about a bunny. We recorded it and it was great.  I will have to see if I can attach it.   
Joan was able to make it to church yesterday which was great.
The other day we went over to Mike's to teach his mom and she was not there so we ended up teaching Mike instead.  In the middle of our lesson Mike got a phone call from a member of the ward and the member basically cleared up his hold back [what was holding him back] and it was great.  We were talking to the member later and he said he got the feeling to call right then and so he did. It was great because we were about to have a conversation about it, but the member took care of it and it was great.  Go Brother Pulsipher for listening to the Spirit and calling Mike.  
We were teaching this lady named Judy who is a less-active in the ward.  We were talking about scripture stories and talked about Moses and the fiery-serpents and how people could have just looked at the brass serpent but didn't because it was too easy.  We talked about how sometimes we seem to look for big things to fix our problems but it really is the little things like reading our scriptures.  She looked at us and said, "Sisters, this is exactly what I needed; I was having a really hard day and was trying to think of how to fix it and then I came and talked with you guys."  It was great.  
I went on an exchange in Gunnison this week and that was fun.  We did service in Crested Butte at the Wildflower Festival.  It was super pretty.  
It was the last district meeting of the transfer which was a little sad but one of the Elders made us all funnel cakes so that was great.  The Delta Elders also decided to saran wrap our car; we are thinking of ways to get them back. 

I hope you have a great week.

Sister Poulton with the car

Monday, July 10, 2017

Uncompahgre 5

I Almost Gave My Family The Plague
Well in zone conference last week we had a talk on how we need to be careful out in the country because the black plague is still very much alive and they do not want us to get sick so watch for fleas and stuff.   Well, we were at one of our investigators' house and our member said she saw a flea jump on her from the dog while we were outside.  She also warned us to be careful.  Well, remember a few weeks ago when we skinned rabbits? Well, we each got to keep rabbit feet.  Well, we were letting them dry in the sun and we went to check on them and they had fleas so that was an adventure.  We do not think the fleas had the plague but better safe then sorry.  I was thinking about sending the rabbit feet home but now I decided it might be better not too. 
We started teaching a new family called the Roybals.  The dad is a member and the rest of the family is not.  They are super awesome.  
For the Fourth of July we went to Mike's house and had a BBQ with his family that was super fun.  We also asked CK if he would pray and then open the scriptures and find his answer.  He actually tried it, yay.  
Omar is doing great, he made it to church yesterday.  He felt the Spirit so strong during the sacrament that it scared him.  The member that was sitting with him told him to wait until sacrament was over then he could step out.  He ended up staying for all of the first talk then leaving to go in the hall to regroup then he came back in for a little.  He said he would definitely come back.  
We also started teaching a man named Chuck.  He was being taught by the Elders in Montrose.  He ended up coming to work for a member and is now living on the property.  The member found out and we now started meeting with him again.  We had a super awesome lesson on Friday and we invited him to church.  He was like, "Well I will have to look at my work schedule and check." The member was like, "I think we can figure something out."  It was great.  
I hope you all have a fantastic week.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Uncompahgre 4

Blame It On the Nuns
There is this recent convert that we teach.  He has this girlfriend that is super jealous/mad that he meets with the sisters. He explained it to her that we are basically nuns so that she does not get super mad.  In our lesson something came up and we were like, "just blame it on the nuns."  He said that sounds like a good band name or video game id name.  

Zone Conference was this week and that was exciting.  I also have basically had Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise stuck in my head all week. It is the mission song.  

This week we taught Joan and she is doing well.  She read the Book of Mormon on her own a little this week which is really big.  She does not totally understand why she needs to read it on her own and how reading it with us is not enough.  We brought a member this week who told her that when she was learning about the church her answers came faster and it was easier to understand them when she was reading the Book of Mormon.

Mike is doing great.  He wasn't able to make it to church yesterday because he got sick.  Later that day we brought him soup which made him laugh.  He had a question about how he can make his personal prayers more meaningful.  We ended up finding an Ensign article all about it so we dropped that off.     

We were able to teach Omar the Restoration of the Gospel so that he could better understand where the Book of Mormon came from.  We have to remember to explain things very simply.  He is full of questions and has a desire to learn which is awesome.  

We were in charge of mutual this week and that was a lot of fun. We talked about Individual Worth. We did the first value experience with them then had them write on shields what they liked about themselves.  Then we had a crazy flour dodge ball war and talked about how with our worth (shields) it is a lot easier to block the fiery darts (the flour).

Happy Fourth of July!   

Have a great week.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Uncompahgre 3

We went hiking this morning, that was fun.  President and Sister Hall took us up to the Grand Mesa.  Sister Poulton and I got matching sweatshirts so that is exciting.  We also had interviews with President Gifford today and it was nice to see them again.  President Gifford got sick so he had to cancel last zone conference so we have not seen them since April.  He is doing a lot better though so no worries.  

This week after district meeting it was one of the Elders' year mark so we made fried oreos. They were super delicious.  

Awesome Mike story this week.  We taught him about temples this week. He has been asking questions and we were like, "Be patient we will get to it."  Well, we were teaching about doing baptisms for deceased ancestors.  He was like, "wow that is so cool! I have been thinking about that. I wanted to baptize my brother, but I didn't know I actually could. That is so cool." (his brother passed away about 4 years ago). He also is trying really hard to get his mom and brother to come to church.  We had a lesson at Mike's house and Jodi and CK both were there and listened.  CK didn't want to come outside so it was great that he came and listened.  

Omar (the satellite man story) is doing good.  He does not have a phone and is always super busy so it is kind of hard to contact him.   We were able to see him the other day though right before he was out the door.   We asked him if he had read the pamphlet and guess what? He did.  He had it all marked up and said that when he got to the end he was kind of sad that there was not more.  He also read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and wanted to read more of it.  

Joan is doing good and was super excited that she was able to make it to church two weeks in a row.  

I forgot my planner in the car so I am really not sure what what else happened this week.

I hope you all have a super fantastic great week.
[Follow up from last week, Ana said they did get the satellite guy's contact info and he turned out to be a member from Fruita, "so that was exciting." About skinning a rabbit, she did find "the rabbit thing interesting because from science perspective." 
"The Pulsiphers said, 'yes' they remember grandma." My Grandma asked me to ask Ana if she met Bishop Pulsipher since she knew him when she lived in Paonia, in that stake, and it turns out he is the ward mission leader now and he and his family are who the Sisters are staying with.
The people who took Ana and her companion hiking took a whole bunch of pictures and emailed them to her today so she forwarded them to me. So lucky us, we get pictures of Ana and beautiful Colorado :-)]

Monday, June 19, 2017

Uncompahgre 2

I Can Have Ramen My Car Can't- Sister Poulton

We are pretty much out of miles so we were discussing if we should eat out or not.  We decided to go eat somewhere to not use our miles.  Guess where we went? Fiesta Vallartas.  That is right, there is a break off of the restaurant in Craig here in Delta.  The one in Craig was better, but it was still good.  
This week was exciting.  
Joan was able to make it to church and loved it.  Mike also came it was great.  
We have been teaching this boy named William.  We have been working on prayer and he never "remembers to pray" this time though when we get there he is just beaming.  We start our lesson and he just blurts out "guys I prayed."  It was wonderful.   He was so excited.  He had a story to go with it even.  He said he lost his fidget spinner and decided "why not? I will pray to find it" and later that exact same day he found it on the driveway. 
Here is the story of the Angle Satellite man.  Sister Poulton and I were teaching this man Omar, about the Plan of Salvation.  The next door neighbor was having their satellite repaired or something.  The man fixing it comes off the roof and pokes his head around the corner and says I don't mean to interrupt or anything but  these ladies are very smart and you should listen to what they have to say.  It was great.  He then hopped back on the roof.  

The crazy exciting thing that happened though was that I skinned a rabbit. We went to do service for this lady. She just moved and we were going to help her unpack boxes but instead she needed help skinning the rabbits.  She has rabbits that when they get big enough she kills them for meat.  It was quite exciting.  

Sister Poulton's pasta story went something like this:  
Lets say that you are going out with some friends to get pasta.  there is your best friend, the jokester, and someone you don't really know.  While at dinner you can't decide what to get and the jokester tells you to get a pasta and the one you don't really know also recommends it.  You decide I'll try it and your best friends says he will get some too.  You get the pasta and it is probably the most disgusting thing you have ever had.  You and your best friend are looking at each other and he offers you some water.  You drink it and the taste goes away.  Lets say that you decide not to take the water and you leave the taste in your mouth.  You are kind of mad at the friends that recommended it and you leave the taste in your mouth for days. Your best friend is trying to offer you water but you would rather be angry and leave the taste in your mouth.  Sometimes this is us with forgiveness.  Our best friend is the Savior that just wants to help and give us water.  Sometimes we would rather leave the taste in our mouth and not forgive.  It would be so much easier if we just trusted in him and forgave so that we could loose the bitter taste in our mouth.   
Of course it was better then that but that pretty much sums up what it was about.  Remember to always rely on Christ and he can help us through anything and help us forgive anyone.  He knows exactly how the pasta tastes.  

Have a great week

Monday, June 12, 2017

Uncompahgre 1

 Walter got baptized and a member of the mission presidency sent me a picture.

Well I made to Uncompahgre.  The area I am over includes part of Delta, all of Olathe, and part of Montrose.  My companion is Sister Poulton who is absolutely wonderful. She has been out about 15 months. 
Well, we are teaching some wonderful people.  
There is Mike and he is getting ready to be baptized sometime in July.  He is 29 and had a stroke when he was 15 and has been on dialysis ever since. He has a younger brother whose name is CK.  CK looks like Clark Kent and I asked him if that is what CK stood for and he said no.  Then Mike's mom's name is Jodi.  CK and Jodi are less-active members.  They are a super wonderful family.  It is crazy how much Mike has grown in the last week.  At the beginning of the week Mike had problems with the Word of Wisdom. Now he says he has been living it for a little and has already been able to see changes in his life.  The doctor told him to drink coffee to help with his blood pressure.  Since he stopped for about two days his blood pressure is more regular then ever.  He also has been reading the Book of Mormon and is already in the middle of 2 Nephi and says he knows it is true.  
We are also teaching this lady named Joan who is getting ready to be baptized in July.  She is super cool.  She has this giant plot of land with a bunch of stuff on it.  Her husband is a hoarder.  We are helping her organize it a little but her husband has taken to hiding everything.  
We helped this lady pack to move this week.  It seems to be a thing to do because I have made like 3 this week. We got to make a burn pile and that was super fun.  It used to be way bigger then the picture but I still decided a photo would be fun.
Since it was my first week the bishopric thought it would be fun for the missionaries to speak in church.  I got to speak on testimony building and I would say it went pretty well.  My companion gave a wonderful talk on forgiveness. She made a great pasta analogy that I might have to type out next week.  
I hope you all have a great week.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Craig 18

 (a picture sent from a member of Ana's ward)


Well, I am officially leaving Craig. I will probably cry at some point.  I am going to uncompadre (I have no idea how to spell it but will probably learn at some point). No one in Craig seems to have heard of where it is. I guess I will find out tomorrow.  [After a little sleuthing I found out it's Uncompaghre]. Today has been crazy busy.  I am attempting to pack and say goodbye to all the members and everyone.  Then it is also my birthday so everyone wants me to come over and have cake.  I don't think I will ever get around to packing.  I am super excited for a new adventure somewhere and all of the people I am going to meet. 
We found so many new investigators this weeks it was crazy.  Someone stopped us on the street and said, "Are you guys with a church?" and we were like, "yes."  He said, "oh, can I learn more about it? I am looking for a church."  We said, "of course you can."  Another man we met said, "I have been looking for a church to bring my family to, can I come to yours?" and we said, "yes." 
Walter is doing great.  He is getting baptized on Saturday and I am super bummed that I will miss it.  I am sure it will be amazing and I am super excited for him.  His family is coming down from Wyoming and everything.
Sister Perez's Birthday was on Thursday so that was fun.  We had a little party in District meeting.  Basically we sang "happy birthday" but it was fun.  We didn't have a dinner that night so we went to the killer Mexican Restaurant.  The waiter kept trying to flirt with Sister Perez and it was super funny.  We ended up getting a free dessert from him though so it was great.  We debated leaving a pass a long card with the elders number on it. 

I hope you all have a great week 

1.The Elders for my birthday just brought me a KFC container filled with a bunch of inside jokes. 
2. The district(except Elder Sanders he did not want in on the picture)

Monday, June 5, 2017

Craig 17

Grande Old West Days
This morning we went to the carnival! it was pretty fun.  J'lea Dalton took us.  We all got matching rings from Ecuador which are pretty cool. 
This week was pretty great.
We have been praying to run into someone because we had not seen her in awhile.  Also, no one knew where she had moved to. We were walking around trying to contact people.  No one was home and I was like, "Why do I keep feeling like we should go to these different places?"  We were on our way to try the last person before dinner.  As we were walking towards the house we ran into her.  It was definitely a miracle.  If we had not walked to all of those people's houses then we would not have ran into the person at the right time.  She was just outside to check her mail and we were there at the right time. 
Another Miracle of the week. It starts off on kind of a sad note.  Frank tried to drop us.  He says he is too busy and not ready to commit.  We were sad of course but even more worrisome is he also was not texting any of the members here in Craig back.  On Sunday we went to church in Steamboat.  Fred (that member that had met Frank and they became best friends) came up to us and asked how he was doing.  We told him and he said, "Oh really, I keep running into him.  He works at true value. At  first it took us a minute to figure out why we knew each other and then we realized it was from church."  He went on to say that Frank invited him over for dinner and that he will keep us updated.  It was a miracle that Fred was able to find Frank.  
Walter is doing wonderfully.  He was able to make it to church on Sunday and loved it.  He also has passed his baptismal interview.  He is super awesome.  It is crazy how you can really see how much joy having the gospel brings him.
Hope you have a great week.  

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Craig 16


It snowed on Tuesday-Thursday so that was super exciting. I think I might have been the only person that was super happy about it but it was awesome. 
We were able to meet with Frank this morning in Steamboat.  It has been a while and it was super awesome.  He knows that it is true and he wants to be baptized.  He is still worried about commitment but at the end of the lesson he was like, "I basically just need to decide and I know what I want to do" so that was awesome.  Shout out to Brother Rice and J'Lea for driving us because we are out of miles.  They are the best. 
Walter is still doing well.  He passed his baptism interview on Friday. He got super sick though so he was not able to make it to church.  He is really awesome and is already able to see how much the gospel is helping him and how it can help him. 
No one that we are teaching showed up to church yesterday but we did have three less-active families that we are teaching come and that was wonderful.  Bobbie Harper came and she says to tell everyone on my email list hi from her.  Then the Oneys made it and they have not come in a while so that was super exciting.  Then the Miller family came. 
I hope you all have a super fantastic week.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Craig 15

Transformers in Craig! 

This week has been an adventure. 
There was a storm this week and the power went out.  Sister Perez and I both slept through it so we did not even know until the next day.  Sister Dalton was trying to tell us the story of what happened, and somehow it turned into transformers had invaded Craig and that is why the power went out. 
This week when we were in Steamboat Springs we saw a bear.  That was exciting.  We were going to a less-active's house for an appointment and then found out we had the wrong address.  Then on the way to the right address we saw a bear.  The guy's name is Keith.  We talked with him about faith and planting a seed. We talked about what we can do to strengthen our seeds and help them grow into strong trees.  We also were finally able to meet with the Bishop in Steamboat so that was fun. He really likes to bike.    
I got to go on exchanges in Meeker again and that was super fun.  I spent the day with Sister Walker and Sister Pond. 
We were finally able to teach the Oneys. We have not been able to meet with them for the last few weeks.  They are really wonderful.  They also opened up to us a lot this week which was amazing. 
Frank is in Denver for a little and is not sure when he is getting back. 
I was on exchanges for our last meeting with Walter.  He did go to church yesterday though so that is exciting! We are also teaching him tonight so we will see how that goes.
For Mother's Day we helped Sister Prescott dip tons of chocolate strawberries for all of the women in the ward.  That was really fun and delicious.  Mother's Day was wonderful.  Church was fantastic.  It was also nice to be able to Skype the family. It really reminded me of all that my mom does for me and how much I love her.
Today we went and saw wild horses again.  That was an adventure. We were not sure which roads lead where so we just kind of turned whichever way we wanted.  Luckily Ken got us back safely. 
--Sister Holcomb 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Craig 14

Oh We're Half Way There

o-oh livin' on a prayer *actually though because I am a missionary*
That is crazy to think I am already 9 months into my mission. I feel like I got here yesterday. 
Well onto what happened this week.
On Friday there was a fireside.  An inspirational speaker came and she said something that I liked.  She got paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident.  She had scholarships to a few different schools and had won All Around Cowgirl in a rodeo.  She had been riding horses since she was 5.  After her accident now she cannot really compete anymore.  Some little girl asked her one day if she could go back would she change what had happened.  Her response was what made me think.  She said she thought about it for a minute "would I give that up for what I have gained?"  Her response was "No, I would not."  That got me thinking sometimes life is hard, but would I give up the hard things for what I ended up gaining from them? 
Well, this week on Monday we went to dinner at an investigator's house in Hayden.  That was fun; we had tostadas.  Then after that we had to drive to Grand Junction for "train the trainers" the next day. 
Tuesday we went to "train the trainers" then drove back up to Craig.   Then we drove to Steamboat.  In Steamboat we were able to teach a lady named Summer. She is wonderful and has set a goal to get to the temple sometime in May. 
This week we have been helping Sister Dalton make May Day baskets to bring to people.  No one here (except for Sister Dalton and I) seems to have heard of leaving something on people's door steps then running. We decided we should do that and bring it to members and people we are teaching.  It was quite fun. 
We taught Frank on Thursday.  We had Sister Dalton and Ken come because Frank wanted to talk to some converts and see how they felt or knew it was true.  It was really awesome. Ken got baptized in January and he seemed to have some of the same questions as Frank.  Frank also decided to take a trip to Temple Square this week and loved it. 
I think the biggest miracle of the week is Walter.  We decided to go to church in Steamboat on Sunday.  It was wonderful.  While we were in sacrament meeting I kept feeling like I should check the phone because Bishop Prescott needed something.  I do not like to look at the phone in sacrament meeting so I was like, "It is okay, I am just thinking that because I am not in Craig."  Well after Sacrament meeting I looked at the phone and Bishop Prescott had called and texted us a few times.  Oops, I probably should have checked the phone.  He had called to let us know that a man had showed up to church and said he wanted to learn more and be baptized he has been reading the Book of Mormon.   Luckily Bishop is amazing and got Brother Caras to  helped him find his way around for church and got his contact info. As soon as we got back to Craig we called him and he said we could meet that afternoon. Brother Caras came with and the lesson went wonderfully. 

I hope you all have a great week.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Craig 13

I Love Kum n Go*
Well my new companion is absolutely wonderful.  She is from California and went to school at UVU for 3 years.  She is majoring in Psychology. Her favorite missionary activity is tracting.
Well Denese officially moved to Oregon this week.  She said she is really happy she met us and she loves the gospel.  She wants to meet with missionaries in Oregon so that is exciting.  She loves to share the gospel with everyone.  She is super excited to tell her grandson about it.  She will be missed.
Frank is doing well. He came to church this week and enjoyed it.  We taught him about the priesthood and prophets this week. 
I love you guys and hope you have a great week.
Sister Holcomb
*I made a joke last week with sister Herring that I would make it my subject line.  There are three in Craig and the new one is probably like the most up kept place in Craig. It is really nice. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Craig 12

Wild Horses and Coke Ovens 

A member in the First Ward has wanted to take us to see wild horses for a while; and a few weeks ago we tried and it snowed.  This time it finally worked out though.  It was super fun.  That reminds me it snowed this week :)  
Transfer news came this week.  Sister Herring is going to be heading off to Fruita.  I will be staying in Craig and Steamboat (the Elders in Craig will be taking over Baggs :( ).  I will also be training which is kind of exciting. 
Frank's crazy exciting spiritual experience.  He was working out and lifting.  He prayed to have the power of Sampson and basically he did.  Not quite, but still, he was able to do six reps of 230 on a machine after he had like done 300 reps of everything else.  He also was able to make it to a baptism on Saturday and loved it. 
I was able to go to Baggs for church this Sunday. A member of the 1st Ward came with me and then Sister Herring stayed in Craig with Sister Prescott.  That way we were able to hit two wards at once.  Baggs is wonderful and I am going to miss it even though we only go like once a month. 
I hope you all have a great week :) 
Sister Holcomb

Monday, April 17, 2017

Craig 11

It's Because I'm in Colorado and I'm So High
The comment about being high was made because of the elevation, but it made us laugh.
This week someone was going out of town so they asked us to do their farm chores.  That was fun.  I learned Sister Herring really does not like chickens.  She got really good at collecting eggs quickly by the end of the week.  It was actually pretty great. 
This week when we were walking around we found a bunch of credit cards and someone's drivers license on the side of the road. We picked all of them up and realized that among them was his probation officer's number.  We called her and she called him.  We were able to meet up and give all of it back to him.  He was really glad we found all of it.   
We helped a member decorate for her son's wedding reception.  Then later in the afternoon one of the brothers texted everyone on his contact list and invited them to the reception. In the text he said to come and celebrate the eternal marriage of his brother.  He told us we should come and share about what it means.  We went and talked to people, it was great. 
This week Frank said he had the most spiritual experience of his entire life and he knows that what we are teaching him is true.  He won't tell us what happened until our lesson on Tuesday though.  I will have to give a better update next week. 
Sister Herring went to the doctor for her ankle this week.  She ended up teaching the doctor about prophets.  He told his co-worker who is a less-active member that he found it interesting and might ask some questions.  It was awesome. 
Easter was wonderful.  It was awesome to be able to learn all about the reason for Easter all day. We read the story of Christ's resurrection with a few people.  It was cool to be able to hear what that means to everyone.  To me the story really shows how much Jesus loves everyone. 
Have a great week.
Sister Holcomb

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Craig 10

I Went To Meeker

On Tuesday we went on exchanges so I was in Meeker for the day with Sister Walker.  I got to meet someone they are teaching named Willy.  He is super awesome. Right now they are reading the Book of Mormon with him.  He loves it.  He actually went to Harvard to study the Bible.  He loves comparing the two and seeing how they really work together.  Willy is blind and just by shaking your hand and talking to you for a little he can guess what you look like and what your personality is like.  He is actually really spot on. 

Update on Frank.  We taught him the rest of the Plan of Salvation on Thursday then he came to church on SundayOn Sunday there was a member named Fred that just became his new best friend in about 4 seconds.  He sat by Frank in Sacrament meeting then invited him to class and brought him to priesthood [class].  Frank loved all of it. 

Friday was Zone conference.  Sister Herring got all of the elders in our district to do a musical number.  It went quite well they agreed to do it if we found the David Archuleta arrangement of "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" We found one that was close enough and they decided they would just sing part of it in Spanish so it would be close enough.  We also talked a little bit about what each of us learned from Elder Holland.  Zone Conference is always so exciting. 

Sunday we got to go to church in Steamboat for the first time.  The ward there is exciting because there are not that many active families but always a lot of visitors.  We helped teach the youth class for a little.  The young men that were teaching it wanted us to help teach the first vision story.  Then we taught Relief Society.  It ended up going really great.  We talked about coming unto Christ. 

This week we started teaching a couple.  There names are Kim and Bryan.  We taught them the Restoration of the Gospel.  They both loved it. 

Today a member drove us down to Grand Junction.  We went shopping with them and it was a blast. :)

I hope everyone has a really awesome great week.
Sister Holcomb

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Craig 9

A Week of Many Blessings

Well to start it off on Monday we had dinner with a family.  They called us up and said that they used to feed the missionaries when they lived in Texas, but stopped when they moved to Colorado.  One of the missionaries they used to feed messaged them on Facebook and asked if they still fed the missionaries.  They were super nice and they made us super delicious burgers. The bun was a quesadilla then a home made burger, bacon, and whatever else we wanted to put on it. It was awesome. They said they would have us over again sometime, it was great. 
Then later in the week a member of the mission presidency (President and Sister Hall) took us out to lunch and told us they had a referral for us. She was a lady that used to live in their apartment complex in Rangely.  They ran into her here in Craig right before they met up with us and she said that she was super glad to see them, they were always so happy.  They decided to send us over.  We have now taught her a few times and as we were leaving last time she said, "I am really glad the Halls sent you guys." 
Then the greatest miracle of the week is Frank.  He called us during the week and said that he had requested to meet with missionaries and that no one came, and he called Salt Lake and they told him to call us.  We met him on Thursday and taught him the restoration.  He loved it. Then we met up again on Saturday.  He told us that he has been praying about it and that he is half way through Nephi.  He feels like he is on the right path so he is going to keep going because he just feels really peaceful about it.  We got half way through the Plan of Salvation and he was like, "I love how this all makes sense.  All the lines connect.  It is literally just a straight line."  He also watched the Saturday afternoon session of conference.  We asked him if he liked it.  He said that the whole 70's thing was confusing but he looked it up and he is not worried because he will learn it all eventually but other then that he loved it.
Then to top it all off this weekend was General Conference.  Conference really was amazing.  I loved all the talks about trusting. Also, for conference our Bishop and his family always have Sushi.  They let us come over and join them so that was super fun.  I actually really like sushi.  I used to not really, but it was Sister Webster's favorite food so she made me appreciate it. They let me help make it so that was fun.  I am going to be a super pro sushi chef when I get home. LOL. The bishops family is awesome.  It kind of reminds me of our family probably because there are three younger boys.  The oldest one is Isaac's age and then the youngest one is 11 so kind of around Henry's age.
Also the new Easter video came out this week and it is wonderful. 
This week we also went to a soccer game for a little.  Most of the young women are on the team.  It was fun.  Sister Herring also sprained her ankle on Wednesday and that was exciting.  It is basically healed now though so that is awesome. 
I hope everyone has a great week.
[Just a quick note: the links are links I've found and added to help define a term, they are not links to lessons Ana has used while teaching. "General Conference" is linked to this last session of conference in case you choose to listen to the talks she is mentioning and the "Easter video" link is to the Easter video she is talking about] 

[random cave they found while walking]

[on a hike]

 [part of the Bishop's family with their sushi dinner]
[here's the photo Bishop Prescott sent me that has Ana & her companion in it too]

Friday, March 31, 2017

Craig 8

 Everything the Light Touches Is Ours- Mufasa

Well this week has been interesting.
One of the Sisters in Steamboat had to suddenly go home, so they took out the other sister.  Now Sister Herring and I are also over Steamboat Springs.  That means we are in charge of two wards and a branch.  Our area is also very big. 
Something awesome that happened was that Denese came to church for the first time.  After, she was like, "I have no idea why I was so scared, I loved it.  I am definitely coming again." 
This week I went on exchanges with Sister Tams (the one that started the pizza riot) here in Craig this time though.  We had an awesome day.  We walked all of it.  We also found this really sweet lady who wants to learn more about our message so that is awesome.  We also met with a less-active member that we had not seen in a little while.  At night we had a lesson with some members.  For some background Sister Tams is a hair stylist, the members' son is majoring in Engineering and his fiancĂ© is majoring in nursing. The member was trying to explain that the nursing program is really hard but engineering is not as bad because nursing you have to remember so many things but Calculus is pretty easy.   We were like, "well, you have to remember things for Calculus too" and he was like, "no, you do not, you just have to remember one formula and apply it into a lot of different situations."  Then later Sister Tams mentioned something about hair and he was like, "I have no idea what you are even talking about. See, Calculus is easier. Once you understand Calculus you understand the world."  You probably just had to be there but it was really funny okay. 
Saturday we went over to the Dalton's to watch the women's session of General conference.  It was really awesome.  I think my favorite talk was from Henry B. Eyring.  For those of you who do not know what General Conference is it is a meeting that is broadcast all over the world where the Prophet and Apostles speak to us. You can find it on LDS.org 
Sister Herring and I found a place to go hiking this week, so we went this morning.  It was super fun. I had not been hiking in a little while.  
Sister Holcomb

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Craig 7

I Hate Cows, but I Love Steak! --Sister Herring
Well this week was an adventure.  
[Sister Holcomb, Sister Herring, Bishop Prescott]

My Bishop found out that he went to high school with my parents.  Of course that meant that we had to go through all the yearbooks and find pictures of them.  It was quite fun. 
We helped out at the food bank this week.  That is always an interesting experience.  We basically carry out boxes for people to their car.  Sister Herring thought her calves would explode because they were so tight.  She got so desperate that  she was willing to try essential oils which is a really big deal.  Also take pills.  That is how we ended up at the Bishop's, to borrow some pills.  I was wearing a Brigham City t-shirt. 
We had a Relief Society party this week. The theme was "minions of ways to serve" and everyone was supposed to dress like a minion.  Everyone did and that made it super fun. 
Since Sister Herring had to go to a meeting on Thursday I got to spend the day in Rifle with Sister Thompson.  Then after that we started on our way back to Craig.  About half way we realized that the Rifle Sisters had left their area book in our car.  They had to come get it.  The family we were having dinner with thought it was funny so they were not mad at us being so late to dinner.  I finally got to teach a girl that was baptized right before I got here.  Her family has been super busy since I have been here and we are super happy we finally got to teach her and her family. 
Then the highlight of the week happened on Saturday.  We got to drive down to Grand Junction and MEET ELDER HOLLAND it was awesome.  He took the time to shake every single missionary's hand and look them in the eye.  He is actually super funny which I feel like I never realized before.  One of the things we did was read a few different Bible stories and talked about what Christ did in them that made them such powerful teaching experiences.  We talked a lot about how we have to start from where the investigator is and work up. "We need to take the Colorado Denver South Mission to primary."  There were also two members of the Quorum of the Seventy there that also spoke to us. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The meeting lasted about 3 and a half hours. The Spirit was so strong and it was wonderful. Then to top it off we had Chick-fil-a for lunch. 
Then a kind of funny story that happened on Sunday was that we met a "gang member". We were talking to him and he was like, "I would be a bad Mormon."  His friend was like, "Why, because you cuss?" He was like, "No, gang stuff bro."  He was the most unintimidating person ever; I think he might have been shorter then me.  Anyway it was super funny and Sister Herring and I are still laughing about it.

Have and awesome fantastic week
Sister Holcomb
[Ana's Mission President's wife, Sister Gifford, sent us this photo of them with Ana's Great Grandma- they met her at Stake Conference where she said a beautiful prayer. :-)]

Monday, March 13, 2017

Craig 6

We Taught A Lesson In A Bowling Alley 

Well, Monday we were trying to meet with a less active family. We have not been able to meet with them for a few weeks.  They texted us and said, "Well,we are going bowling, but I guess you can teach us there if you want."  Of course we had to go.  I do not think they were expecting us to actually show up.  The lesson actually went really well.  We talked about missionary work. 
We were able help Sister Musgrave on her paper mache tree a lot this week.  It is almost done and is awesome.
We also are teaching a German foreign exchange student named Jarno.  He is trying out track and says it is quite difficult.  He also got a puppy though, that is super cute.  His host family are members.  They decided that he could learn so he could experience American culture.  This week I was able to actually teach him since for the last two weeks I have been on exchanges. 
We went up to Baggs on Thursday for the second time.  Most of our appointments fell through. Luckily a family we met last time was cool with us just stopping by last minute notice.  I accidentally let someone's dog out when I was trying to close their gate.  Luckily Sister Herring is really fast and could chase it down.  The interesting thing about Baggs is that addresses are not really a thing.  If you ask anyone where someone lives they can all tell you.  We spent a lot of time trying to find where people were.  We would get a little closer over time though.  We actually had to use a real map because the GPS was way off most of the time. They also had a Relief Society dinner that night so we were able to meet some of the women in the branch.  It was super fun. We managed to make it back to Craig without hitting any deer or elk; all the members were really worried about it. GO SISTER HERRING FOR DRIVING SAFE! 
Friday was crazy.  We walked everywhere. One of our investigators dropped us which was sad.  We were blessed though and ended up finding 7 new investigators in the afternoon. It was crazy. 
Also, we got transfer news on Saturday night. Sister Herring and I will both be staying in Craig.   
Have a great week.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Craig 5

To Denver and Back Again

This week I got to go back to Littleton.  It was the best.  There was a specialized training that 50 missionaries were invited to attended in my old church building. A member of the 70 came and did a training.  He talked a lot about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how that really is the message we should teach around.  All of the lessons are centered on that and we better not forget it.  We also got to see the new Easter video which is just fantastic.  The hardest part was not going around and knocking on every member of the Cornerstone Park Ward's home and giving them a hug.  I did find out some very exciting news though.  President Gibb came up to me and said I have something to tell you about Nathan [fondly referred to as the dragon guy at our house].  I was like "yea." He said that he had the meeting with Nathan's parents and the parents dropped us.  About a week later Nathan called the Elders and said that he still wanted to meet with the missionaries and that every thing was okay.  He is getting baptized at the end of the month. :) 
We spent Wednesday driving and then Thursday was the meeting and driving back.  It was a lot of driving, but it was a pretty drive and Denver was super fun.  On the way back we found a Target so we stopped for a little as our dinner break. 
On our way to Denver we got to drive through Sister Herring's old area too.  That was super fun.  We decided to go to this Sushi restaurant that she just loved.  One of the many reasons she loved it was because it played pop music.  We went in and sat down.  There was not pop music playing there was some instrumental music playing.  It was nice; then we realized that it was an instrumental of I Love to See the Temple. We just both started laughing at our table. We got a few weird looks. 
I also got to go on another exchange in Steamboat.  Everyone decided that we were the people to tell their entire life story too.  We met a former drug dealer, someone who was trying to track down their ex, and many more odd things.  We also volunteered at an Animal shelter which was fun. 
Denese quit smoking this week which is exciting.  After our lesson she was like I need to stop smoking tonight.  She handed us her box of cigarettes and told us to throw them out.  She still has not been able to come to church yet.  Maybe next Sunday though.

Have a great week.    

Accurate picture of how excited we were to go to Denver.
 here is my nails
 I like them, they actually are color changing.  The darker blue turns more like the sparkly blue color when they are warm.  They used to be a bright sparkly pink color.