Monday, July 31, 2017

Uncompahgre 8

I Thought it Was a Dead Cat But it is Just a Pile of Poop!

Well I kind of lost track of time so this will probably be a little short. 
I went on exchanges in Gunnisen and we helped at the assisted living center and helped them play bingo.  That was super fun.  
I also hit my year mark which is just crazy.  Elder Lunt from my MTC district is in my district so we took a picture.  I will have to send it next week.
MIKE IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON FRIDAY!!! I am only a little excited. He also asked if he could teach the lesson this week because he had a friend that was really struggling and he wanted to share the gospel with him.  We said of course. The friend didn't end up coming but we ended up talking about humility and it was a great lesson.  His mom also sat in again which was awesome.  
Chuck came to church again and loved it.  
Also we saw an entire rainbow.  Like we could see the full arch and see where both ends touched the ground it was amazing.  
Have a great week.
Sister Holcomb

Monday, July 24, 2017

Uncompahgre 7

 So You Are Saying Basically I Should Grow Anything Besides This- Yes That Is What I Am Saying.

We have an investigator that is growing a weed garden.  He showed it to us and I was like, "You should grow tomatoes in your garden."  Sister Poulton was like, "Or cucumbers those are good."  I was like, "Yeah, or corn; that seems to be a hit around here."  He was like, "So basically you are saying anything besides this" and starts to pet his plants with a sad look on his face.  
On Tuesday this week we went to get our tires changed in Montrose and we decided to stop at the A&W in back and it was amazing.  
Mike is doing great he is getting excited to be baptized. He loves the scriptures and learning new things about the gospel.  The other day in our lesson he told us his goal is to one day get the Melchizedek Priesthood. His fire end excitement about the gospel has kind of made his less-active mom take an interest. We taught them both a lesson the other day, it started as a lesson for Jodi that Mike sat in on then we ended Jodi's lesson and started Mike's and Jodi decided to sit in on it.  Jodi came to church with Mike and it was great.  
We are teaching this really awesome guy named Chuck.  He is working for a member of our ward and lives on his property.  He had been meeting with the missionaries in Montrose before he moved.  The member found out and now we have started teaching him again.  He came to church the last two weeks and loved it.  
This week we were eating dinner with a less active family and we made a joke to one of the teenage girls that she should come to a lesson after dinner.  Long story short she ended up coming and it was great. She ended up sharing a super awesome testimony of how she came to know that the Book of Mormon was the word of God and it was great.  After we went and got Sonic and she kind of opened up to us it was amazing.
William is still doing good.  He still does not really understand why he should pray. We have been reading scripture stories with him and talking about how prayer helped them in that story.  

Well I hope you all have a great week 

(Our area summed up in two pictures)


Monday, July 17, 2017

Uncompahgre 6

Our Awesome District

I am Killing Sister Poulton!
Well we got transfer news on Saturday and Sister Poulton and I are staying together.  It is her last six weeks in the mission which is crazy.  
This week we were at a dinner appointment and we were sharing a thought about the Title of Liberty and asked each member of the family what they were fighting for.  The Nephites were fighting for their families, land, liberty, and freedom.  We talked about how pretty much everyday we are fighting a battle. The teenage son said that he was fighting for all friendships, naps, and Taco Tuesday. That made us laugh.  He also has been writing the blues and he wrote a song about a bunny. We recorded it and it was great.  I will have to see if I can attach it.   
Joan was able to make it to church yesterday which was great.
The other day we went over to Mike's to teach his mom and she was not there so we ended up teaching Mike instead.  In the middle of our lesson Mike got a phone call from a member of the ward and the member basically cleared up his hold back [what was holding him back] and it was great.  We were talking to the member later and he said he got the feeling to call right then and so he did. It was great because we were about to have a conversation about it, but the member took care of it and it was great.  Go Brother Pulsipher for listening to the Spirit and calling Mike.  
We were teaching this lady named Judy who is a less-active in the ward.  We were talking about scripture stories and talked about Moses and the fiery-serpents and how people could have just looked at the brass serpent but didn't because it was too easy.  We talked about how sometimes we seem to look for big things to fix our problems but it really is the little things like reading our scriptures.  She looked at us and said, "Sisters, this is exactly what I needed; I was having a really hard day and was trying to think of how to fix it and then I came and talked with you guys."  It was great.  
I went on an exchange in Gunnison this week and that was fun.  We did service in Crested Butte at the Wildflower Festival.  It was super pretty.  
It was the last district meeting of the transfer which was a little sad but one of the Elders made us all funnel cakes so that was great.  The Delta Elders also decided to saran wrap our car; we are thinking of ways to get them back. 

I hope you have a great week.

Sister Poulton with the car

Monday, July 10, 2017

Uncompahgre 5

I Almost Gave My Family The Plague
Well in zone conference last week we had a talk on how we need to be careful out in the country because the black plague is still very much alive and they do not want us to get sick so watch for fleas and stuff.   Well, we were at one of our investigators' house and our member said she saw a flea jump on her from the dog while we were outside.  She also warned us to be careful.  Well, remember a few weeks ago when we skinned rabbits? Well, we each got to keep rabbit feet.  Well, we were letting them dry in the sun and we went to check on them and they had fleas so that was an adventure.  We do not think the fleas had the plague but better safe then sorry.  I was thinking about sending the rabbit feet home but now I decided it might be better not too. 
We started teaching a new family called the Roybals.  The dad is a member and the rest of the family is not.  They are super awesome.  
For the Fourth of July we went to Mike's house and had a BBQ with his family that was super fun.  We also asked CK if he would pray and then open the scriptures and find his answer.  He actually tried it, yay.  
Omar is doing great, he made it to church yesterday.  He felt the Spirit so strong during the sacrament that it scared him.  The member that was sitting with him told him to wait until sacrament was over then he could step out.  He ended up staying for all of the first talk then leaving to go in the hall to regroup then he came back in for a little.  He said he would definitely come back.  
We also started teaching a man named Chuck.  He was being taught by the Elders in Montrose.  He ended up coming to work for a member and is now living on the property.  The member found out and we now started meeting with him again.  We had a super awesome lesson on Friday and we invited him to church.  He was like, "Well I will have to look at my work schedule and check." The member was like, "I think we can figure something out."  It was great.  
I hope you all have a fantastic week.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Uncompahgre 4

Blame It On the Nuns
There is this recent convert that we teach.  He has this girlfriend that is super jealous/mad that he meets with the sisters. He explained it to her that we are basically nuns so that she does not get super mad.  In our lesson something came up and we were like, "just blame it on the nuns."  He said that sounds like a good band name or video game id name.  

Zone Conference was this week and that was exciting.  I also have basically had Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise stuck in my head all week. It is the mission song.  

This week we taught Joan and she is doing well.  She read the Book of Mormon on her own a little this week which is really big.  She does not totally understand why she needs to read it on her own and how reading it with us is not enough.  We brought a member this week who told her that when she was learning about the church her answers came faster and it was easier to understand them when she was reading the Book of Mormon.

Mike is doing great.  He wasn't able to make it to church yesterday because he got sick.  Later that day we brought him soup which made him laugh.  He had a question about how he can make his personal prayers more meaningful.  We ended up finding an Ensign article all about it so we dropped that off.     

We were able to teach Omar the Restoration of the Gospel so that he could better understand where the Book of Mormon came from.  We have to remember to explain things very simply.  He is full of questions and has a desire to learn which is awesome.  

We were in charge of mutual this week and that was a lot of fun. We talked about Individual Worth. We did the first value experience with them then had them write on shields what they liked about themselves.  Then we had a crazy flour dodge ball war and talked about how with our worth (shields) it is a lot easier to block the fiery darts (the flour).

Happy Fourth of July!   

Have a great week.