Monday, October 16, 2017

Gunnison 7

Tomatos are Red, lettuce is Green, Welcome to Subway We're Fresh and Clean.

Well a miracle happened yesterday.  We were going to try someone then we remembered that a member had not showed up at church and we felt like we should go make sure she was doing okay.  While we were there we decided to try another member that was not at church that day first. They live in the same apartment complex.  As we were walking around the back we ran into Able.  We got to talk to him a little and that was good.  He said that he had been reading the Book of Mormon and that it has been "heavy" (when he says that he means it has been calling him to repentance) and he needs to meet with the missionaries.  He also is moving to California soon so we will have to hook him up with the missionaries there.  
We were finally able to meet with Shay again this week.  It went great.  She has been talking with Donny a lot about commitments and covenants. She wants to be baptized but is not really sure she can do it.  It was great because our lesson that day was all about covenants and commitments.  She already started keeping one of her commitments. She texted us to let us know that she read the chapter in the book of Mormon we wanted her to so that is great.  
Joe has officially gone to Lakewood.  He made it to church though before he left and that was the greatest.  We were so happy especially since one of the first things he said to the sisters was that they could teach him but he would never be attending a church meeting so don't bother with that.  He looked so happy.  We also were able to have one last lesson with him before he left.  We talked about the atonement and how we can be forgiven of anything if we look to the Savior.  
We went to Young Womens yesterday and it was great. We talked about having a grateful attitude and how miracles and things to be grateful for happen every single day and we need to find them.  It was great.  
Brother Seelbinder wrote me a song on his a guitar and it was pretty great. I told him I need to get a video of it. 
This week we went with the Barretts to Subway for dinner.  Brother Barrett is the band professor at the college.  Both of the people working decided to write him a song on the spot and that was also pretty good. (It's my email subject line)
Oh also, my companion's name is Sister Carlson.  She is from Dallas Texas.  She worked as a life guard.  Yay for pool staff.  She is great and super fun to be around.  She is super "excited" to spend winter in Gunnison.  Another miracle was that she did not bring winter stuff and we were able to get permission to buy some in Montrose after district meeting on Thursday.  We were like okay we are going to stay focused and only get what we need then leave.  We were able to go to Target and as soon as we walk in there were the hats and gloves. Then we walked around the corner and there were the boots; we didn't even have to look for things it was great. I think it might have been the fastest Target trip ever. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Gunnison 6

It's Snowing!!!

Yep it is snowing outside right now so that is super exciting.
Well, transfer news came and I will be staying in Gunnison and training a new missionary.  
We ended up finding a Spanish investigator this week.  We taught him The Restoration* and he loved it.  I really didn't know what was going on but it was great.  Since Sister Thompson is leaving a member has agreed to translate for us so we will see how it goes. 
We have been trying to contact this less active guy named Jared. We finally were able to meet with him this week so that was awesome.  He is not really interested in coming back but said we could come teach him the lessons if we want.  We are hoping that the lessons might re-kindle his testimony.  His best friend also goes to Utah State so that is cool.  
I got to go on another exchange in Uncompahgre which was super exciting.  
Shay is still on bed rest but she did watch conference which was awesome.  
The older Nelsons decided to bring waffles back so that is amazing.  
I hope you all have a great week.
[*Two video links for The Restoration: "Apostasy and Restoration" and "The Restoration"]

Monday, October 2, 2017

Gunnison 5


This time we lit the W on fire.  Actually we just watched as it was lit on fire but still it was cool. 
This week we were going to invite Shay to watch conference.  She has been put on bed rest so it has been hard to meet with her. We didn't get the chance to stop by so Saturday night we texted her about it.  She responded back that Donny had already told her about it and to watch it.  He beat us to the punch.  She ended up having unexpected company though so she was not able to watch it. 
This week I went on exchanges in Uncompahgre and that was a blast.  I was able to teach Mike and Mitch. I also was able to see some of the members.  It was a great day.  
Joe is doing great. He is probably the most progressing person we are teaching right now.  He has been reading his scriptures and is super excited to come to church next Sunday.  
General Conference was amazing.  I am so grateful that there are living prophets today. 

Monday, September 25, 2017

Gunnison 4


Shout out to Anders Harvey for getting the marching band to take a picture with me.  The band might all think I am crazy, but they all know who the Sister Missionaries are now so that is great. I accidentally forgot my camera so you will all get the picture next week. 
Shay is doing great. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she loved it.  She has been praying and says that she is starting to know that it's true which is weird [to her] because she has met with the missionaries before but for some reason this time it is different.  She still has not made it to church but wants to.  She says it is strange that Donny will text her or have a conversation with her about what we are going to teach her next before it happens.  I don't think that I have ever prayed that "Donny Osmond could continue to be a great example and keep being a great missionary" before so that is fun.
We had an interesting experience with Able this week.  We had some great lessons and he felt the Spirit.  He said that he could feel it and knows what he needs and wants to do.  On Friday we went back and his entire attitude had changed, the Spirit was definitely no longer there, and that was weird. 
Also Mark Seelbinder blessed that sacrament for the first time yesterday.  He got baptized in April I believe.  He got up and shared his testimony on how much joy the gospel had brought him. This Sunday marked a year since he had come to church for the first time. 
Zone Conference was this week. As always, it was fantastic.  President Gifford gave a training on Mission Rules. He talked about how so many people always ask why missionaries have so many rules.  We talked about why the church has rules. He mentioned that as we stay in the church and learn and grow then the more responsibilities we have. The guidelines we have now are helping prepare us for guidelines in the future. There are so many church handbooks of things to do.  We read scriptures on why it was important that there were rules and expectations.  It was a very interesting training. 
Also Women's session of General Conference was amazing.  Everyone should go watch it if you have not.  
I hope you all have a great week. 

[link to Plan of Salvation is to a video this time since I think I've shared the link to the lesson a couple times already]

Monday, September 18, 2017

Gunnison 3

I Can See My Breath!
We taught Shay this week. She is doing great. We taught her a little more about The Restoration and she thought it was great.  
 The Heckers are doing great.  We taught them about prophets. They are going to be thinking of some questions to think about during conference.
We also are teaching this less-active man named Joe. He is super cool.  He makes masks and belts then sells them.  He signed a contract to sell his masks in Crested Butte for another few weeks on Sunday. This week he said after that he really wants to start coming to church again so that is fantastic. 
We had an amazing lesson with Able the other day.  The Alarcon's came and they are great.  He said that he knows it is true.  He is going to meet with President Hall on Saturday and see what he needs to do so he can be baptized.  He also has been doing missionary work and has started to stand up for what he believes so that is amazing. 
Sad waffle news.  The family that does waffles is moving.  There last day of doing waffles was yesterday. That does mean that they went all out though. We had pizza waffles, strawberry cake waffles, and regular they were super good.    
Also a highlight of the week was I saw someone at district meeting and it was fantastic.  Brother Caras my ward mission leader in Craig showed up and it was the greatest thing ever. It was great to see him and catch up on how he has been the last 4 months.  
I hope you all have a fantastic week.
Saturday Henry received a letter from Ana in the mail. Here's a portion that everyone may enjoy: "Earlier in the week we ran into a lady that had been looking for a dog.  We decided to help look. After looking for a little while we decided to say a prayer. Less than a minute later the lady found her dog so that was cool."
Here's an excerpt from an exchange between Brian and Ana today about her brush with fame a couple of weeks ago:
"None of the missionaries know who Donny Osmond is.  I was actually really proud of myself for knowing who he was."
 "Tell the other missionaries that Donny Osmond was the Harry Styles of 1975.  That's when he was super popular and in all the teen girl magazines."
 "I will.  I tried to tell Sister Thompson that he was like Harry Styles and she was like, 'oh, are you sure?' and I was like, 'yeah.' She was like, 'that is probably what will happen to Harry Styles too, no one will know who he is.' and I was like, 'nooooooo.'"

Monday, September 11, 2017

Gunnison 1 & 2

(This is Gunnison 1 and 2 because last week was Labor Day and the Library is closed so Tuesday she just wrote that she didn't have time to write.) 

How Zelda Relates to Missionary Work 101

Sister Thompson is way into The Legend of Zelda. She started making a list this week of all the ways the two relate.   
Little update from last week.  Before transfer meeting I had this feeling that I should bring the New Eras that we got for the Roybal family with me to transfer meeting.  I was like that is a weird idea. On the way to transfer meeting we got lost three times.  We didn't have a GPS so we were trying to follow the road maps. In all that mess guess what? We ran into the Roybals so that was crazy. Lesson that if you feel like you should do something and it is good, Do It because it might be the Holy Ghost
We are teaching this girl named Maeve. She is a 19 year old studying law at Western.  A lot has happened in the last two weeks with that. She has been reading the book of Mormon for a little while and she wanted to learn more.  We started teaching her and she came to church and wanted to be baptized.  Her mom she was not sure would be on board, but we had a lesson and she said she talked to her mom and her mom said she would support her so that made Maeve really happy.  Then we had a lesson a few days later and she said she called her mom and dad and told them that she decided to be baptized.  Apparently there was a lot of yelling and crying and basically they are not really on board.  She said they think she needs to focus on school more and if in a year she still wants to be baptized then that is okay.  She still wants to meet and come to church but not as much.  The branch is aware of the situation and says, "well we will still welcome her of course and even if she doesn't get baptized that is okay."  The branch is fantastic.  That is the really short sum up story. 
We are also teaching this guy named Able.  He has word of wisdom issues.  He knows that this is the restored gospel.  He is afraid to stand up to people and is always concerned about what people think of him.  He says that we should not give up on him and keep teaching him.   
There is this nice lady named Shay.  She likes to feed us sometimes.  She is really good friends with Donny Osmond and will tell you all about it.  
We are teaching this less-active family named the Heckers.  They are super cool.  They have a goal to get to the temple.  
The branch here every Sunday has waffles for all the college kids and it is fantastic.  

I hope you all have a fantastic week.

(Here's a portion of Ana's letter to her Dad this week- adds just a few more little details about her week)

Gunnison is good, very pretty.  We cover a lot of tourist towns and so people are like, "no, I am not interested in the gospel I am on vacation."  People are usually nice though so that is good.  It is just a branch so not that big.  I think the most exciting thing that happened is that Donny Osmond said hi to me.
I hope you have a great week

Monday, August 28, 2017

Uncompahgre 12

 Uncompahgre is Family

Well we got transfer news.  I will be leaving for Gunnison tomorrow.  I don't think anyone was expecting me to leave but that's what is happening. I am super sad to leave Uncompahgre but I am sure I will love Gunnison too.  Sister Thompson told me that it is already getting cold and they have to scrape frost off their car in the morning. That means that snow is coming soon which will be amazing. I will be with Sister Thompson.  She is super sweet. We have been on exchanges before.  Her companion is also going home this week so we get to spend today together too.  She is being super awesome and helping me to clean out the apartment and pack. I really don't remember a lot of what happened this week. After this weekend everything is a blur.
Mike and Mitch are doing great. Mitch is super excited to be baptized.  We taught the Word of Wisdom this week and he smokes.  We told him that as homework we wanted him to make a plan. He said "I already know. The goal is to get baptized on September 16th the plan is to stop smoking and trust that God will help me."  Mike just loves learning and the gospel.  
Chuck is starting to study his scriptures more.  We taught a lesson on scripture study and have really been focusing on finding the principle in what we read and how we can apply it to our own lives.   

I hope you all have a fantastic week.