Monday, November 20, 2017

Gunnison 12

Donny Osmond Really Knows How to Get Down to Business

He came in with the force of a great typhoon.

Well I think that was the highlight of my my week. Skyping with Donny; it was a blast. He really has a testimony like a coursing river.   He has a pretty good Minnesotan accent.  He was so happy he was able to join us for a lesson and he was very grateful we thought to Skype.  He has a son on a mission in Italy so he was happy that he can tell him about his missionary experience.  He talked about how it is a miracle that his son was even able to go on a mission because he had struggled with anxiety for a long time.  He talked about how the gospel had helped his son.  Then he also shared about how he gained his testimony of the book of Mormon.  It was super cool and the Spirit was so strong.  Shay ended up praying about a day to be baptized and Donny said he would come.  He ended up having to hang up because he was supposed to be on stage soon and his manager kept coming and telling him he needed to start getting ready.  It was a great lesson and probably one of the best ones I have had with Shay.  
The other member that we brought to the lesson (Sister Seelbinder), has started to fellowship her. She offered to pick up Shay for church and invited her to dinner. We are going to have a lesson in her home tomorrow. Sister Seelbinder thought it would be a good idea to have her over and to have her and Mark talk because it sounds like they have very similar pasts. I was going to send a picture of the lesson, but for some reason the member that took the photo says it won't send to my email so that is weird.  
I also got crazy sick the night before the lesson.  I had a fever of about 103 it was crazy.  I am doing okay now.  

I hope you all have a great week.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Gunnison 11

 We Made it On Time to Seminary
We were actually the first ones there, we were so proud of ourselves. We went to Seminary to give everyone in the class a Book of Mormon.  A week ago the class had a discussion about handing out copies of the Book of Mormon to their friends and not many of them had done it. We had dinner with the teacher last night and we talked about sharing the Book of Mormon with our friends and talking about it and she told us about the conversation with the class.  This morning we went to invite the class to write down their testimony of Jesus Christ in the front then pray about who they could give it to.  I figured I would just share a little bit of mine, since I committed all the seminary kids to share it with their friends I should probably do the same.  
I know that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ.  Through reading it I have come to know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and that he really did come to the earth and suffer and die for each of us.  I have felt Heavenly Father and Jesus's love for me.  I know that they know exactly what I feel and know how to help me.  I have learned that because of Christ I can feel happy even in trials.  I know that Heavenly Father loves all of his children all around the world.  

This week we went on exchanges I was with Sister Pond for a day.  She got to teach a Spanish lesson with me to Ruben.  We read a little bit of the Book of Mormon with him.  We talked about how sometimes God asks us to do hard things but if we have faith then we can do what he asks.  
Tuesday we had a lesson with Shay.  We talked about prayer and how if we pray then the Spirit can witness to us of the truth.  Also how we can ask for peace and comfort.  She turned to the Book of Mormon this week when she was having a bad day. She opened it to a random page and it was exactly what she needed.  She read Ether 15.  I had never before thought of that chapter as a comforting one.  It helped her realize that sometimes we do have to sleep on our swords in a sense because we need to always watch out. We also need to keep fighting until the end no matter what.  It was a new perspective. 
We got to help Claressa with service this week.  She is doing a craft fair. We helped her to make bird feeders and pine cones for starters. After we did service she let us share a message and we set up an appointment to go back, so we are now teaching Claressa again.
We taught Jared again this week. We taught him the restoration of the gospel.  We asked him to read the Book of Mormon so we will see if he does that.  
We saw the Heckers this week. We talked about Sabbath day observance. They also fed us dinner and brother Hecker taught us how to make a stew out of all food storage things.  That was exciting; he is supposed to get me the recipe.  
We also did service at the High School play. They did Willy Wonka.  We helped hand out tickets and concessions.  We got to talk to some of the cast so that was fun.  
I hope you all have a great week.

[a little extra from her letter reply to her dad:  In Gunnison we have zero snow right now.  On the mountain is Crested Butte, they have some.  I do like the snow I am excited for it.  I think the most exciting lesson we taught this week was that we were talking about the word of God and how we need to read it.  On the TV that was going that was not going to be turned off it started talking about the Book of Mormon so that was fun.]

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Gunnison 10

100 Days More

JK Sister Carlson did the math wrong.  I was trying to figure out if I wanted to read the Book of Mormon another time before I get home how many pages I needed to read a day.  I did not want to figure it out though because then I would know how many days I had left and I did not want to know that.  Sister Carlson ended up doing the math for me and was like you have 100 days.  I was like the whole point of you doing this is so that I would not know how many days I have left. Now she wants to make a paper chain.  I agreed that we might be able to make one until February 15th when all the candy goes on sale from Valentines day.  We will see if it ends up happening.  We did find out that she did the math wrong though so that is good.
Last week Brother Richter our Branch Mission leader gave us some names to go try of less-actives.  A lot of them I had tried before but we decided to do it again. We have been able to see miracles. 
We got in contact with this Lady named Donna.  We had tried her last week and she told us that she was not interested.  We went back this week to try her again and she opened her door and was like I know who you are come in.  We went in and shared a scripture with her.  She mentioned that she really missed having the Sisters come over and the church.  
Another is named Doug and he was in the middle of chopping wood when we tried him but we were able to set up another appointment to teach the whole family.
We were also able to get in and see Sister Friedman again which was great.  
Shay is doing great. She didn't come to church again. She did tell us that she made a covenant with God that she would meet with us once a week though.
Jared ended up getting stuck doing a group project so we were not able to meet with him but hopefully this week. His Birthday was on Wednesday so we told him that he missed out because we might have brought him a treat or something. 
We had dinner with the Harveys this week. Which is always fun.  Anders and Alex had to tell me all about how badly the Gunnison High School band lost at state. They are still really bitter about it.  Anders is going to be drum major next year and is super excited about it.  They also all shared their missionary moments from the week with us.  Anders was telling his friend about the Book of Mormon and put one in his back pack so next time it comes up he can give one to her. It is always exciting to hear about the members' missionary moments.  
I hope you all have a fantastic week.  

Monday, November 6, 2017

Gunnison 9


Well this week was Mark Seelbinder's birthday.  We decided to 'heart attack"* him.  We pulled it off. Sister Thompson told me that they always get caught.  It was a miracle that the dog did not bark. 
We were able to do a church tour with Shay this week.  She enjoyed it.  She also came to the Halloween party so that was amazing.  She didn't come to church but baby steps.  
We were able to teach Jared Jacobsen again this week. It was awesome.  We taught him about how Heavenly Father loves us and he sent Jesus Christ. We can trust Christ with anything.  It was a super good lesson.  We are hopefully going to go over and teach him again this week.  His best friend goes to USU and he goes there for every Thanksgiving and Christmas break.  
This week was our Branch Trunk or Treat and our land lord helped us decorate our car.  Her daughter Realynn came and helped us with our game at the trunk or treat and dressed as a Sister Missionary it was awesome. We were all going to be old ladies but then we were not aloud to dress up so she decided to come as a Sister Missionary.  
I hope you all have a fantastic week.  

[*"heart attack" is when they cover someone's door in lots of paper hearts]

Monday, October 23, 2017

Gunnison 8

Sister Carlson Knows Alex From Target 

We found another Spanish investigator this week her name is Alejandra.  She is great.  We talked about the book of Mormon with her and she said she wanted to read it.  
We met with Ruben and read a little of the Book of Mormon with him and talked about recognizing the Spirit.  
We got to see Shay this week and she is doing good.  She says she doesn't want to commit or make a promise to God that she might break.  We started to read the Book of Mormon with her because if she reads it then that is how she is going to get a testimony.  I also ended up promising her that if she reads the whole thing then by the time she gets to the end she will not want to smoke any more.  
This week was Train the Trainers and the Mission tour. That means that Tuesday morning we left for Grand Junction and then  we got back Wednesday evening.  The Mission Tour was great; Elder Gaverrett of the Seventy came and it was great.  It was a whole day of training and it was great.  We also got to spend Tuesday night with the Grand Mesa Sisters in Grand Junction.  Sister Crawford and I went on an exchange.  We found a new investigator named Leah and she is great. She was super excited to learn more about the gospel.  
There is a less-active guy named Chris who is moving here in January so we got to meet him and teach him a little this week.   
We have been giving everyone in Gunnison an invite to the Branch Halloween activity so we will see if anyone ends up coming.  
Random funny story of the week is that at the mission  tour we were all supposed to prepare a training. I was not called on but there was an Elder that got called on and he gave pretty much the same training that I had prepared. 
I hope you all have a great week.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Gunnison 7

Tomatos are Red, lettuce is Green, Welcome to Subway We're Fresh and Clean.

Well a miracle happened yesterday.  We were going to try someone then we remembered that a member had not showed up at church and we felt like we should go make sure she was doing okay.  While we were there we decided to try another member that was not at church that day first. They live in the same apartment complex.  As we were walking around the back we ran into Able.  We got to talk to him a little and that was good.  He said that he had been reading the Book of Mormon and that it has been "heavy" (when he says that he means it has been calling him to repentance) and he needs to meet with the missionaries.  He also is moving to California soon so we will have to hook him up with the missionaries there.  
We were finally able to meet with Shay again this week.  It went great.  She has been talking with Donny a lot about commitments and covenants. She wants to be baptized but is not really sure she can do it.  It was great because our lesson that day was all about covenants and commitments.  She already started keeping one of her commitments. She texted us to let us know that she read the chapter in the book of Mormon we wanted her to so that is great.  
Joe has officially gone to Lakewood.  He made it to church though before he left and that was the greatest.  We were so happy especially since one of the first things he said to the sisters was that they could teach him but he would never be attending a church meeting so don't bother with that.  He looked so happy.  We also were able to have one last lesson with him before he left.  We talked about the atonement and how we can be forgiven of anything if we look to the Savior.  
We went to Young Womens yesterday and it was great. We talked about having a grateful attitude and how miracles and things to be grateful for happen every single day and we need to find them.  It was great.  
Brother Seelbinder wrote me a song on his a guitar and it was pretty great. I told him I need to get a video of it. 
This week we went with the Barretts to Subway for dinner.  Brother Barrett is the band professor at the college.  Both of the people working decided to write him a song on the spot and that was also pretty good. (It's my email subject line)
Oh also, my companion's name is Sister Carlson.  She is from Dallas Texas.  She worked as a life guard.  Yay for pool staff.  She is great and super fun to be around.  She is super "excited" to spend winter in Gunnison.  Another miracle was that she did not bring winter stuff and we were able to get permission to buy some in Montrose after district meeting on Thursday.  We were like okay we are going to stay focused and only get what we need then leave.  We were able to go to Target and as soon as we walk in there were the hats and gloves. Then we walked around the corner and there were the boots; we didn't even have to look for things it was great. I think it might have been the fastest Target trip ever. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Gunnison 6

It's Snowing!!!

Yep it is snowing outside right now so that is super exciting.
Well, transfer news came and I will be staying in Gunnison and training a new missionary.  
We ended up finding a Spanish investigator this week.  We taught him The Restoration* and he loved it.  I really didn't know what was going on but it was great.  Since Sister Thompson is leaving a member has agreed to translate for us so we will see how it goes. 
We have been trying to contact this less active guy named Jared. We finally were able to meet with him this week so that was awesome.  He is not really interested in coming back but said we could come teach him the lessons if we want.  We are hoping that the lessons might re-kindle his testimony.  His best friend also goes to Utah State so that is cool.  
I got to go on another exchange in Uncompahgre which was super exciting.  
Shay is still on bed rest but she did watch conference which was awesome.  
The older Nelsons decided to bring waffles back so that is amazing.  
I hope you all have a great week.
[*Two video links for The Restoration: "Apostasy and Restoration" and "The Restoration"]