Monday, November 28, 2016

Centennial 9

This Is Your Christmas

Toby keeps locking himself out so he calls us so we can let him in.  We gave him his key so he could make a copy and have his own key to his house.  
Tuesday for mutual we decorated boxes and filled them with food for some families in the ward.  We ended up helping to deliver the one to the family we were going to eat with so that was fun.
 Wednesday this lady took us out to dinner at a Japanese restaurant.  It was super delicious but we later learned that it was out of the mission. Oops. That is one down side to serving on the border of the mission.  You are so close to the edge that when you ask people about fun things to do they tell you places that are out of the mission. We also called the people to come and fix or windshield.  There was a crack in it for a while.  They are coming to fix that today.  
Thursday we helped the Rice's cook for Thanksgiving.  Jenny, Sister Webster, and I ended up creating the best gravy ever but we have no idea what we put in it to recreate it.  We got to meet a lot of Toby's family and that was a party.  All of them are not members which was exciting.  After the Rice's we went to the family that actually signed up to feed us.  That was fun to be at because it was just the family and us so we got to be their guests for thanksgiving.  
There is this family in our ward that has been preparing their Christmas lights and we finally got to see them.  We saw this glow in the distance and we were like, "wait, is that the Farmers house?"  We went to check and sure enough it was.  You can see the glow from about 3 blocks away.  It is crazy.  
Saturday was definitely the highlight of the week. Remember that family that I was teaching in Bowles Grove that had 5 people [ready to set a] date?  Well, one of them was baptized and I was able to go because she is in my zone.  It was super fun to see her again and to be able to catch up.  Her entire family was there so I also got to see them and it was great.  Ariel (recent convert in the Bowles Grove ward) was also at the baptism so I got to see her. 
Sister Walker, Me, Bianca, Sister Davies
Later in the evening we  helped the Rice's decorate for Christmas.  We were trying to ask Toby how he would like the tree decorated and he was just like, "decorate how you want."  We said, "it is your house." He was like, "Well, this is your Christmas."  
On Thanksgiving we found out that Jenny, S. Webster and I all like crazy socks and our favorite color is orange.  We decided that for Christmas we all needed some crazy socks.  While we were decorating Toby left and he came back with crazy Christmas socks for all of us so that was super fun and super nice of him.  I will have to take a picture and send it :)
Sunday the one family with the two boys came to church so that was exciting. It was also my 4 month mark so yay.   

[PS] You guys should as a family check out the Christmas initiative for the year [].  It would be super cool if you participated.  The video looks super cool.  I think there is going to be a different video each day. There is a different service activity to do each day in December.  Maybe I will send 6 light the world pass along cards so everyone can give one to someone and tell them about it.  If I can/remember. If we did we could share an experience about it in the weekly email to each other that could be cool.  I am not exactly sure what I am thinking. Well I love you guys.  I cannot do the one on the second so I will do it on Christmas instead. :)

Monday, November 21, 2016

Centennial 8


It was super exciting.  We were in district meeting getting ready to leave.  The Elders walk out and all of a sudden you hear a scream.  We all go running out of the class and they are freaking out. We were like "what?" then they just point at the window.  Then I freak out. My companion thinks we are crazy :) I, unfortunately, did not get a picture of the snow so next time.  We were supposed to rake some leaves that day, but that did not happen.  The snow is basically gone though so later this week we will do it. 
We taught a lesson to the less active mom and her two boys again.  We decided to teach CPR (church, pray, read) We had a family come with us who has boys the same age.  The boys ended up getting along really well with each other so that was good.
Wednesday it reached 88 degrees.  We did some service for a non-profit organization called HOPE. They needed help polishing silver.  It took a lot longer then the people thought it would because the silver was super tarnished.  I can now say that Sister Webster and I are super pro at polishing silver.  Since it was so hot Toby thought we all needed to go to Yogurtland (he just was looking for a reason to go). It was super fun.  Toby kept singing "cause I gotchu on my mind" to his yogurt. There where some high school kids on a date and Toby wanted to give them a law of Chastity pamphlet but we did not have one.  It would have been funny though.
Thursday IT SNOWED. We also did service for another non-profit organization called She She's Corner.  They are a bridal shop, so we had to steam some dresses and that was fun.  
Friday it was Sister Van Wagoner's Birthday (she works in the mission office). We had to go and get some things. We were in the right place at the right time and got some pie. We sang "Happy Birthday" and ate pie with the rest of the mission office. It was fun.  We went to mutual and helped the Laurels plan for the upcoming year activities they are in charge of.  The two boys that we are teaching also came, so they planned for the combined activities their age groups were in charge of.  Toby also had to kick out the less active that was living with him.  That means I will probably never see the 6 year old again which is super sad.
Saturday I was on an exchange with Sister Walker (Sister Davies's new trainee) We helped Toby take out all of the mans stuff and put it on the front porch.  Toby also changed the locks on his door.  We went and played volleyball with some people from church.  Some less actives come so the members thought it could be fun for the missionaries to be there so they meet us in a more relaxed way. 
Sunday the one family did not end up coming to church.  The boys went to their dad's house and the mom had to do some laundry. :/ We did teach a lesson to this couple who has met missionaries before but they do not want to change.  We had a really good lesson though and talked about the priesthood.  We brought another couple who was more their age and I think they liked that.  The people we brought are really good at listening then asking them a question then responding and clearing things up.  I think that is what made it work because all of the people there are listeners so we listened then asked questions then talked.  The couples ended up exchanging numbers so that is a good sign.  

I hope you all have very great week.  Enjoy Thanksgiving :)

Monday, November 14, 2016

Centennial 7

The Chalkboard Doesn't Care

Monday was Sister Paongo's last day in Colorado so I told her we could do what ever she wanted.  She decided that we should go play basketball so that is what we did.   

Tuesday was exciting, it was transfers.  My new companion was coming over the mountain so I was with a different Sister for the day.  All of the Sisters went out to breakfast after the meeting.  It was fun.  We met this lady who wants missionaries to stop by and teach her so that is exciting.  Sister Davies's new baby [I'm guessing Ana means her new companion straight from the MTC] is cool.  She goes to USU and is majoring in education so I guess if sister Davies has to train someone else I am glad it is her.  
That afternoon we went to vote with Elder Johnson.  They let me vote but they would not let him; he was slightly bitter about it, but I think he is doing better.  [I got a phone call from the Mission President's wife saying, "I hesitate to call because I don't want to cause concern that something is wrong, but Ana is bound and determined to vote and has been standing in line for a long time and doesn't want to lose her spot, but she needs her social security number".  I thought she was going to do an absentee ballot, but MN is kinda strict- must have a notarized witness or another verified MN resident witness and be living in MN for 20 days before and after- so I'm guessing those were road blocks and she decided it was easier to register in CO.] 
We stood in line next to this lady who said she was glad she was standing next to missionaries because then she would be blessed at least for voting and our positive out look would affect her attitude.  Later she mentioned she had friends in Minnesota and that she really liked it.  Elder Johnson and I were like, "we are from there."  She was like, "no wonder I like you guys."  That evening I picked up my new companion and we went and got some smoothies. 

Wednesday we taught a family.  The mom is a less active member who wants her son to be baptized.  We are teaching him the lessons.  One of the boys in the family seemed interested in the priesthood and how exactly that works.  The family does not really have a desire to come to church though.  Hopefully we can show them the joy that the gospel can bring to there family and they will be more enthusiastic than treating it kind of like a check list item that they have to get done. 

Thursday we taught this man who is crazy. The Elders have been teaching him and they are transferring him to us so we teach him.  He thinks he used to be a dragon and he wears a dragon tail and Jedi robes every day.  He did agree to take off the robes for church though.  He wants the priesthood so he can prove dragons are real.  We might have to drop him because he is not someone who can be held accountable we told the Elders that if he does need to be dropped then they need to do it.  We had district meeting.  There is me and Sister Webster, Elder Goold and his greenie (Elder Kerry), then Elder Johnson and his greenie (Elder Roberts).  The meaning behind my subject line:  I learned that Elder Johnson cannot spell.  The Elders kept correcting his spelling and then he just ended up saying, "you know what? The chalk board does not care."  That was the funniest thing that happened this week. 

Saturday we helped a family pack to move.  They are moving because the mom's ex-boyfriend is getting released from Prison early.  They do not know where they are going yet but they are leaving so he does not know where they are.  We also found out that a lady that we have started teaching is getting evicted from her apartment.  She is moving in with her sister so we are going to tell the missionaries in her new area to go find her. 

Sunday a less active family came to church.  A dad and his 6 yr. old son.  They live with Toby and Jenny Rice.  The 6 yr. old is my best friend.  He did not want to go to primary and in sacrament meeting he just played video games.  In sacrament meeting we started to look at the pictures in the pamphlets and then he went back to his game then later said lets look at more pictures of Jesus that was fun. When it was the end of sacrament he asked if he went to primary if I would go with him.  I told him sure for his first Sunday.  The dad felt sick though so they went home right after sacrament meeting.   

Sister Holcomb
[Additional notes] 
I met this family from Brigham city yesterday. She said she grew up a block away from the Holcombs and she was in Melissa's grade growing up.  Her name is Melissa Reese. She says one time Connie hit the back of her car when she was backing out. I was like, "Oh, that is a good memory of my grandma :)"
  My new companion is fun.  She is from Kansas City.  She has three little brothers and a little sister.  The brother that is just younger than her runs XC and is a senior in high school.  Her family is going to Minnesota for Thanksgiving.  We started saying something like it would be fun for you guys to meet up or something.  Then our brothers could go for a run because her brother will not know where and would probably like another fast person to run with.  I would like to see pictures of the house because I still have no idea what it looks like.  [We're working on it]

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Centennial 6

Where is the best place to learn how to make the best ice cream treats? Sunday School!
Monday was Halloween. I was Iron man and my companion was Captain America. We unfortunately did not get a picture.  I realized about half way through the day that last year on Halloween I went to a basketball game and this year on Halloween I was watching a basketball game.  Watching the Missionaries play is a little different then watching USU, but still that is kind of funny.  The lady we live with, her grandson came to visit, and that was super fun.  He was super cute.  

I also found out this week that Tonga is a polyp. Sister Paongo was impressed I know what that was.   
Saturday was definitely the highlight of my week. We went to Highlands Ranch for a mini MTC.  They do this mock MTC for the youth every year.  I am really not sure everything they did.  I know that the night before they had a devotional thing.  They were put into districts and went to a member's home for the evening.  The had exercise, personal and companion study in the morning then came back to the church. That is where we come in.  They assigned each missionary to a district.  The members then drove us to an area in their ward.  Then the exciting thing happened, the youth went tracting.  The youth had to knock on the doors then ask to share a video or thought.  The missionaries were there to supervise and if they needed help to step in but we were not supposed to talk unless they needed help.  The youth were all super nervous but it was good practice for if they go on a mission because that is what we do.  I was put in charge of three girls.  We ended up finding someone who wanted to learn more.  The girl shared her scripture and her testimony about it and they guy said, "wow that really applies to what I am going through right now thank you."  She was like, "no problem."  I then stepped in and asked if he would like to learn more about the church he said yea.  We got his information so we could give it to the elders in the ward.  She was so excited about it so I let her give it to the elders and tell them all about it.  After all the youth got back together and had lunch then the missionaries left.  I am not sure what the youth did for the rest of the day.  I do know for dinner they went to a member's home and the member was supposed to invite a friend and the youth had to teach them a lesson at dinner.  

Sunday was the regional stake conference.  Two of the people that Sister Paongo taught earlier in her time in Cornerstone Park came since it was her last Sunday.  They sat by the stake president and his wife.  The speakers focused a lot on how important the temple is and how it blesses our lives.  The temple is a place where we can go to feel peace and to feel guidance in our life.  They talked about how important it is to bring our questions to the temple.  

This week is transfers.  I am staying in Cornerstone Park.  :) Yay! I get to stay in an area!