Monday, June 26, 2017

Uncompahgre 3

We went hiking this morning, that was fun.  President and Sister Hall took us up to the Grand Mesa.  Sister Poulton and I got matching sweatshirts so that is exciting.  We also had interviews with President Gifford today and it was nice to see them again.  President Gifford got sick so he had to cancel last zone conference so we have not seen them since April.  He is doing a lot better though so no worries.  

This week after district meeting it was one of the Elders' year mark so we made fried oreos. They were super delicious.  

Awesome Mike story this week.  We taught him about temples this week. He has been asking questions and we were like, "Be patient we will get to it."  Well, we were teaching about doing baptisms for deceased ancestors.  He was like, "wow that is so cool! I have been thinking about that. I wanted to baptize my brother, but I didn't know I actually could. That is so cool." (his brother passed away about 4 years ago). He also is trying really hard to get his mom and brother to come to church.  We had a lesson at Mike's house and Jodi and CK both were there and listened.  CK didn't want to come outside so it was great that he came and listened.  

Omar (the satellite man story) is doing good.  He does not have a phone and is always super busy so it is kind of hard to contact him.   We were able to see him the other day though right before he was out the door.   We asked him if he had read the pamphlet and guess what? He did.  He had it all marked up and said that when he got to the end he was kind of sad that there was not more.  He also read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and wanted to read more of it.  

Joan is doing good and was super excited that she was able to make it to church two weeks in a row.  

I forgot my planner in the car so I am really not sure what what else happened this week.

I hope you all have a super fantastic great week.
[Follow up from last week, Ana said they did get the satellite guy's contact info and he turned out to be a member from Fruita, "so that was exciting." About skinning a rabbit, she did find "the rabbit thing interesting because from science perspective." 
"The Pulsiphers said, 'yes' they remember grandma." My Grandma asked me to ask Ana if she met Bishop Pulsipher since she knew him when she lived in Paonia, in that stake, and it turns out he is the ward mission leader now and he and his family are who the Sisters are staying with.
The people who took Ana and her companion hiking took a whole bunch of pictures and emailed them to her today so she forwarded them to me. So lucky us, we get pictures of Ana and beautiful Colorado :-)]

Monday, June 19, 2017

Uncompahgre 2

I Can Have Ramen My Car Can't- Sister Poulton

We are pretty much out of miles so we were discussing if we should eat out or not.  We decided to go eat somewhere to not use our miles.  Guess where we went? Fiesta Vallartas.  That is right, there is a break off of the restaurant in Craig here in Delta.  The one in Craig was better, but it was still good.  
This week was exciting.  
Joan was able to make it to church and loved it.  Mike also came it was great.  
We have been teaching this boy named William.  We have been working on prayer and he never "remembers to pray" this time though when we get there he is just beaming.  We start our lesson and he just blurts out "guys I prayed."  It was wonderful.   He was so excited.  He had a story to go with it even.  He said he lost his fidget spinner and decided "why not? I will pray to find it" and later that exact same day he found it on the driveway. 
Here is the story of the Angle Satellite man.  Sister Poulton and I were teaching this man Omar, about the Plan of Salvation.  The next door neighbor was having their satellite repaired or something.  The man fixing it comes off the roof and pokes his head around the corner and says I don't mean to interrupt or anything but  these ladies are very smart and you should listen to what they have to say.  It was great.  He then hopped back on the roof.  

The crazy exciting thing that happened though was that I skinned a rabbit. We went to do service for this lady. She just moved and we were going to help her unpack boxes but instead she needed help skinning the rabbits.  She has rabbits that when they get big enough she kills them for meat.  It was quite exciting.  

Sister Poulton's pasta story went something like this:  
Lets say that you are going out with some friends to get pasta.  there is your best friend, the jokester, and someone you don't really know.  While at dinner you can't decide what to get and the jokester tells you to get a pasta and the one you don't really know also recommends it.  You decide I'll try it and your best friends says he will get some too.  You get the pasta and it is probably the most disgusting thing you have ever had.  You and your best friend are looking at each other and he offers you some water.  You drink it and the taste goes away.  Lets say that you decide not to take the water and you leave the taste in your mouth.  You are kind of mad at the friends that recommended it and you leave the taste in your mouth for days. Your best friend is trying to offer you water but you would rather be angry and leave the taste in your mouth.  Sometimes this is us with forgiveness.  Our best friend is the Savior that just wants to help and give us water.  Sometimes we would rather leave the taste in our mouth and not forgive.  It would be so much easier if we just trusted in him and forgave so that we could loose the bitter taste in our mouth.   
Of course it was better then that but that pretty much sums up what it was about.  Remember to always rely on Christ and he can help us through anything and help us forgive anyone.  He knows exactly how the pasta tastes.  

Have a great week

Monday, June 12, 2017

Uncompahgre 1

 Walter got baptized and a member of the mission presidency sent me a picture.

Well I made to Uncompahgre.  The area I am over includes part of Delta, all of Olathe, and part of Montrose.  My companion is Sister Poulton who is absolutely wonderful. She has been out about 15 months. 
Well, we are teaching some wonderful people.  
There is Mike and he is getting ready to be baptized sometime in July.  He is 29 and had a stroke when he was 15 and has been on dialysis ever since. He has a younger brother whose name is CK.  CK looks like Clark Kent and I asked him if that is what CK stood for and he said no.  Then Mike's mom's name is Jodi.  CK and Jodi are less-active members.  They are a super wonderful family.  It is crazy how much Mike has grown in the last week.  At the beginning of the week Mike had problems with the Word of Wisdom. Now he says he has been living it for a little and has already been able to see changes in his life.  The doctor told him to drink coffee to help with his blood pressure.  Since he stopped for about two days his blood pressure is more regular then ever.  He also has been reading the Book of Mormon and is already in the middle of 2 Nephi and says he knows it is true.  
We are also teaching this lady named Joan who is getting ready to be baptized in July.  She is super cool.  She has this giant plot of land with a bunch of stuff on it.  Her husband is a hoarder.  We are helping her organize it a little but her husband has taken to hiding everything.  
We helped this lady pack to move this week.  It seems to be a thing to do because I have made like 3 this week. We got to make a burn pile and that was super fun.  It used to be way bigger then the picture but I still decided a photo would be fun.
Since it was my first week the bishopric thought it would be fun for the missionaries to speak in church.  I got to speak on testimony building and I would say it went pretty well.  My companion gave a wonderful talk on forgiveness. She made a great pasta analogy that I might have to type out next week.  
I hope you all have a great week.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Craig 18

 (a picture sent from a member of Ana's ward)


Well, I am officially leaving Craig. I will probably cry at some point.  I am going to uncompadre (I have no idea how to spell it but will probably learn at some point). No one in Craig seems to have heard of where it is. I guess I will find out tomorrow.  [After a little sleuthing I found out it's Uncompaghre]. Today has been crazy busy.  I am attempting to pack and say goodbye to all the members and everyone.  Then it is also my birthday so everyone wants me to come over and have cake.  I don't think I will ever get around to packing.  I am super excited for a new adventure somewhere and all of the people I am going to meet. 
We found so many new investigators this weeks it was crazy.  Someone stopped us on the street and said, "Are you guys with a church?" and we were like, "yes."  He said, "oh, can I learn more about it? I am looking for a church."  We said, "of course you can."  Another man we met said, "I have been looking for a church to bring my family to, can I come to yours?" and we said, "yes." 
Walter is doing great.  He is getting baptized on Saturday and I am super bummed that I will miss it.  I am sure it will be amazing and I am super excited for him.  His family is coming down from Wyoming and everything.
Sister Perez's Birthday was on Thursday so that was fun.  We had a little party in District meeting.  Basically we sang "happy birthday" but it was fun.  We didn't have a dinner that night so we went to the killer Mexican Restaurant.  The waiter kept trying to flirt with Sister Perez and it was super funny.  We ended up getting a free dessert from him though so it was great.  We debated leaving a pass a long card with the elders number on it. 

I hope you all have a great week 

1.The Elders for my birthday just brought me a KFC container filled with a bunch of inside jokes. 
2. The district(except Elder Sanders he did not want in on the picture)

Monday, June 5, 2017

Craig 17

Grande Old West Days
This morning we went to the carnival! it was pretty fun.  J'lea Dalton took us.  We all got matching rings from Ecuador which are pretty cool. 
This week was pretty great.
We have been praying to run into someone because we had not seen her in awhile.  Also, no one knew where she had moved to. We were walking around trying to contact people.  No one was home and I was like, "Why do I keep feeling like we should go to these different places?"  We were on our way to try the last person before dinner.  As we were walking towards the house we ran into her.  It was definitely a miracle.  If we had not walked to all of those people's houses then we would not have ran into the person at the right time.  She was just outside to check her mail and we were there at the right time. 
Another Miracle of the week. It starts off on kind of a sad note.  Frank tried to drop us.  He says he is too busy and not ready to commit.  We were sad of course but even more worrisome is he also was not texting any of the members here in Craig back.  On Sunday we went to church in Steamboat.  Fred (that member that had met Frank and they became best friends) came up to us and asked how he was doing.  We told him and he said, "Oh really, I keep running into him.  He works at true value. At  first it took us a minute to figure out why we knew each other and then we realized it was from church."  He went on to say that Frank invited him over for dinner and that he will keep us updated.  It was a miracle that Fred was able to find Frank.  
Walter is doing wonderfully.  He was able to make it to church on Sunday and loved it.  He also has passed his baptismal interview.  He is super awesome.  It is crazy how you can really see how much joy having the gospel brings him.
Hope you have a great week.