Friday, March 31, 2017

Craig 8

 Everything the Light Touches Is Ours- Mufasa

Well this week has been interesting.
One of the Sisters in Steamboat had to suddenly go home, so they took out the other sister.  Now Sister Herring and I are also over Steamboat Springs.  That means we are in charge of two wards and a branch.  Our area is also very big. 
Something awesome that happened was that Denese came to church for the first time.  After, she was like, "I have no idea why I was so scared, I loved it.  I am definitely coming again." 
This week I went on exchanges with Sister Tams (the one that started the pizza riot) here in Craig this time though.  We had an awesome day.  We walked all of it.  We also found this really sweet lady who wants to learn more about our message so that is awesome.  We also met with a less-active member that we had not seen in a little while.  At night we had a lesson with some members.  For some background Sister Tams is a hair stylist, the members' son is majoring in Engineering and his fiancĂ© is majoring in nursing. The member was trying to explain that the nursing program is really hard but engineering is not as bad because nursing you have to remember so many things but Calculus is pretty easy.   We were like, "well, you have to remember things for Calculus too" and he was like, "no, you do not, you just have to remember one formula and apply it into a lot of different situations."  Then later Sister Tams mentioned something about hair and he was like, "I have no idea what you are even talking about. See, Calculus is easier. Once you understand Calculus you understand the world."  You probably just had to be there but it was really funny okay. 
Saturday we went over to the Dalton's to watch the women's session of General conference.  It was really awesome.  I think my favorite talk was from Henry B. Eyring.  For those of you who do not know what General Conference is it is a meeting that is broadcast all over the world where the Prophet and Apostles speak to us. You can find it on 
Sister Herring and I found a place to go hiking this week, so we went this morning.  It was super fun. I had not been hiking in a little while.  
Sister Holcomb

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Craig 7

I Hate Cows, but I Love Steak! --Sister Herring
Well this week was an adventure.  
[Sister Holcomb, Sister Herring, Bishop Prescott]

My Bishop found out that he went to high school with my parents.  Of course that meant that we had to go through all the yearbooks and find pictures of them.  It was quite fun. 
We helped out at the food bank this week.  That is always an interesting experience.  We basically carry out boxes for people to their car.  Sister Herring thought her calves would explode because they were so tight.  She got so desperate that  she was willing to try essential oils which is a really big deal.  Also take pills.  That is how we ended up at the Bishop's, to borrow some pills.  I was wearing a Brigham City t-shirt. 
We had a Relief Society party this week. The theme was "minions of ways to serve" and everyone was supposed to dress like a minion.  Everyone did and that made it super fun. 
Since Sister Herring had to go to a meeting on Thursday I got to spend the day in Rifle with Sister Thompson.  Then after that we started on our way back to Craig.  About half way we realized that the Rifle Sisters had left their area book in our car.  They had to come get it.  The family we were having dinner with thought it was funny so they were not mad at us being so late to dinner.  I finally got to teach a girl that was baptized right before I got here.  Her family has been super busy since I have been here and we are super happy we finally got to teach her and her family. 
Then the highlight of the week happened on Saturday.  We got to drive down to Grand Junction and MEET ELDER HOLLAND it was awesome.  He took the time to shake every single missionary's hand and look them in the eye.  He is actually super funny which I feel like I never realized before.  One of the things we did was read a few different Bible stories and talked about what Christ did in them that made them such powerful teaching experiences.  We talked a lot about how we have to start from where the investigator is and work up. "We need to take the Colorado Denver South Mission to primary."  There were also two members of the Quorum of the Seventy there that also spoke to us. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. The meeting lasted about 3 and a half hours. The Spirit was so strong and it was wonderful. Then to top it off we had Chick-fil-a for lunch. 
Then a kind of funny story that happened on Sunday was that we met a "gang member". We were talking to him and he was like, "I would be a bad Mormon."  His friend was like, "Why, because you cuss?" He was like, "No, gang stuff bro."  He was the most unintimidating person ever; I think he might have been shorter then me.  Anyway it was super funny and Sister Herring and I are still laughing about it.

Have and awesome fantastic week
Sister Holcomb
[Ana's Mission President's wife, Sister Gifford, sent us this photo of them with Ana's Great Grandma- they met her at Stake Conference where she said a beautiful prayer. :-)]

Monday, March 13, 2017

Craig 6

We Taught A Lesson In A Bowling Alley 

Well, Monday we were trying to meet with a less active family. We have not been able to meet with them for a few weeks.  They texted us and said, "Well,we are going bowling, but I guess you can teach us there if you want."  Of course we had to go.  I do not think they were expecting us to actually show up.  The lesson actually went really well.  We talked about missionary work. 
We were able help Sister Musgrave on her paper mache tree a lot this week.  It is almost done and is awesome.
We also are teaching a German foreign exchange student named Jarno.  He is trying out track and says it is quite difficult.  He also got a puppy though, that is super cute.  His host family are members.  They decided that he could learn so he could experience American culture.  This week I was able to actually teach him since for the last two weeks I have been on exchanges. 
We went up to Baggs on Thursday for the second time.  Most of our appointments fell through. Luckily a family we met last time was cool with us just stopping by last minute notice.  I accidentally let someone's dog out when I was trying to close their gate.  Luckily Sister Herring is really fast and could chase it down.  The interesting thing about Baggs is that addresses are not really a thing.  If you ask anyone where someone lives they can all tell you.  We spent a lot of time trying to find where people were.  We would get a little closer over time though.  We actually had to use a real map because the GPS was way off most of the time. They also had a Relief Society dinner that night so we were able to meet some of the women in the branch.  It was super fun. We managed to make it back to Craig without hitting any deer or elk; all the members were really worried about it. GO SISTER HERRING FOR DRIVING SAFE! 
Friday was crazy.  We walked everywhere. One of our investigators dropped us which was sad.  We were blessed though and ended up finding 7 new investigators in the afternoon. It was crazy. 
Also, we got transfer news on Saturday night. Sister Herring and I will both be staying in Craig.   
Have a great week.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Craig 5

To Denver and Back Again

This week I got to go back to Littleton.  It was the best.  There was a specialized training that 50 missionaries were invited to attended in my old church building. A member of the 70 came and did a training.  He talked a lot about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how that really is the message we should teach around.  All of the lessons are centered on that and we better not forget it.  We also got to see the new Easter video which is just fantastic.  The hardest part was not going around and knocking on every member of the Cornerstone Park Ward's home and giving them a hug.  I did find out some very exciting news though.  President Gibb came up to me and said I have something to tell you about Nathan [fondly referred to as the dragon guy at our house].  I was like "yea." He said that he had the meeting with Nathan's parents and the parents dropped us.  About a week later Nathan called the Elders and said that he still wanted to meet with the missionaries and that every thing was okay.  He is getting baptized at the end of the month. :) 
We spent Wednesday driving and then Thursday was the meeting and driving back.  It was a lot of driving, but it was a pretty drive and Denver was super fun.  On the way back we found a Target so we stopped for a little as our dinner break. 
On our way to Denver we got to drive through Sister Herring's old area too.  That was super fun.  We decided to go to this Sushi restaurant that she just loved.  One of the many reasons she loved it was because it played pop music.  We went in and sat down.  There was not pop music playing there was some instrumental music playing.  It was nice; then we realized that it was an instrumental of I Love to See the Temple. We just both started laughing at our table. We got a few weird looks. 
I also got to go on another exchange in Steamboat.  Everyone decided that we were the people to tell their entire life story too.  We met a former drug dealer, someone who was trying to track down their ex, and many more odd things.  We also volunteered at an Animal shelter which was fun. 
Denese quit smoking this week which is exciting.  After our lesson she was like I need to stop smoking tonight.  She handed us her box of cigarettes and told us to throw them out.  She still has not been able to come to church yet.  Maybe next Sunday though.

Have a great week.    

Accurate picture of how excited we were to go to Denver.
 here is my nails
 I like them, they actually are color changing.  The darker blue turns more like the sparkly blue color when they are warm.  They used to be a bright sparkly pink color.