Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Craig 16


It snowed on Tuesday-Thursday so that was super exciting. I think I might have been the only person that was super happy about it but it was awesome. 
We were able to meet with Frank this morning in Steamboat.  It has been a while and it was super awesome.  He knows that it is true and he wants to be baptized.  He is still worried about commitment but at the end of the lesson he was like, "I basically just need to decide and I know what I want to do" so that was awesome.  Shout out to Brother Rice and J'Lea for driving us because we are out of miles.  They are the best. 
Walter is still doing well.  He passed his baptism interview on Friday. He got super sick though so he was not able to make it to church.  He is really awesome and is already able to see how much the gospel is helping him and how it can help him. 
No one that we are teaching showed up to church yesterday but we did have three less-active families that we are teaching come and that was wonderful.  Bobbie Harper came and she says to tell everyone on my email list hi from her.  Then the Oneys made it and they have not come in a while so that was super exciting.  Then the Miller family came. 
I hope you all have a super fantastic week.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Craig 15

Transformers in Craig! 

This week has been an adventure. 
There was a storm this week and the power went out.  Sister Perez and I both slept through it so we did not even know until the next day.  Sister Dalton was trying to tell us the story of what happened, and somehow it turned into transformers had invaded Craig and that is why the power went out. 
This week when we were in Steamboat Springs we saw a bear.  That was exciting.  We were going to a less-active's house for an appointment and then found out we had the wrong address.  Then on the way to the right address we saw a bear.  The guy's name is Keith.  We talked with him about faith and planting a seed. We talked about what we can do to strengthen our seeds and help them grow into strong trees.  We also were finally able to meet with the Bishop in Steamboat so that was fun. He really likes to bike.    
I got to go on exchanges in Meeker again and that was super fun.  I spent the day with Sister Walker and Sister Pond. 
We were finally able to teach the Oneys. We have not been able to meet with them for the last few weeks.  They are really wonderful.  They also opened up to us a lot this week which was amazing. 
Frank is in Denver for a little and is not sure when he is getting back. 
I was on exchanges for our last meeting with Walter.  He did go to church yesterday though so that is exciting! We are also teaching him tonight so we will see how that goes.
For Mother's Day we helped Sister Prescott dip tons of chocolate strawberries for all of the women in the ward.  That was really fun and delicious.  Mother's Day was wonderful.  Church was fantastic.  It was also nice to be able to Skype the family. It really reminded me of all that my mom does for me and how much I love her.
Today we went and saw wild horses again.  That was an adventure. We were not sure which roads lead where so we just kind of turned whichever way we wanted.  Luckily Ken got us back safely. 
--Sister Holcomb 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Craig 14

Oh We're Half Way There

o-oh livin' on a prayer *actually though because I am a missionary*
That is crazy to think I am already 9 months into my mission. I feel like I got here yesterday. 
Well onto what happened this week.
On Friday there was a fireside.  An inspirational speaker came and she said something that I liked.  She got paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident.  She had scholarships to a few different schools and had won All Around Cowgirl in a rodeo.  She had been riding horses since she was 5.  After her accident now she cannot really compete anymore.  Some little girl asked her one day if she could go back would she change what had happened.  Her response was what made me think.  She said she thought about it for a minute "would I give that up for what I have gained?"  Her response was "No, I would not."  That got me thinking sometimes life is hard, but would I give up the hard things for what I ended up gaining from them? 
Well, this week on Monday we went to dinner at an investigator's house in Hayden.  That was fun; we had tostadas.  Then after that we had to drive to Grand Junction for "train the trainers" the next day. 
Tuesday we went to "train the trainers" then drove back up to Craig.   Then we drove to Steamboat.  In Steamboat we were able to teach a lady named Summer. She is wonderful and has set a goal to get to the temple sometime in May. 
This week we have been helping Sister Dalton make May Day baskets to bring to people.  No one here (except for Sister Dalton and I) seems to have heard of leaving something on people's door steps then running. We decided we should do that and bring it to members and people we are teaching.  It was quite fun. 
We taught Frank on Thursday.  We had Sister Dalton and Ken come because Frank wanted to talk to some converts and see how they felt or knew it was true.  It was really awesome. Ken got baptized in January and he seemed to have some of the same questions as Frank.  Frank also decided to take a trip to Temple Square this week and loved it. 
I think the biggest miracle of the week is Walter.  We decided to go to church in Steamboat on Sunday.  It was wonderful.  While we were in sacrament meeting I kept feeling like I should check the phone because Bishop Prescott needed something.  I do not like to look at the phone in sacrament meeting so I was like, "It is okay, I am just thinking that because I am not in Craig."  Well after Sacrament meeting I looked at the phone and Bishop Prescott had called and texted us a few times.  Oops, I probably should have checked the phone.  He had called to let us know that a man had showed up to church and said he wanted to learn more and be baptized he has been reading the Book of Mormon.   Luckily Bishop is amazing and got Brother Caras to  helped him find his way around for church and got his contact info. As soon as we got back to Craig we called him and he said we could meet that afternoon. Brother Caras came with and the lesson went wonderfully. 

I hope you all have a great week.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Craig 13

I Love Kum n Go*
Well my new companion is absolutely wonderful.  She is from California and went to school at UVU for 3 years.  She is majoring in Psychology. Her favorite missionary activity is tracting.
Well Denese officially moved to Oregon this week.  She said she is really happy she met us and she loves the gospel.  She wants to meet with missionaries in Oregon so that is exciting.  She loves to share the gospel with everyone.  She is super excited to tell her grandson about it.  She will be missed.
Frank is doing well. He came to church this week and enjoyed it.  We taught him about the priesthood and prophets this week. 
I love you guys and hope you have a great week.
Sister Holcomb
*I made a joke last week with sister Herring that I would make it my subject line.  There are three in Craig and the new one is probably like the most up kept place in Craig. It is really nice.