Monday, April 24, 2017

Craig 12

Wild Horses and Coke Ovens 

A member in the First Ward has wanted to take us to see wild horses for a while; and a few weeks ago we tried and it snowed.  This time it finally worked out though.  It was super fun.  That reminds me it snowed this week :)  
Transfer news came this week.  Sister Herring is going to be heading off to Fruita.  I will be staying in Craig and Steamboat (the Elders in Craig will be taking over Baggs :( ).  I will also be training which is kind of exciting. 
Frank's crazy exciting spiritual experience.  He was working out and lifting.  He prayed to have the power of Sampson and basically he did.  Not quite, but still, he was able to do six reps of 230 on a machine after he had like done 300 reps of everything else.  He also was able to make it to a baptism on Saturday and loved it. 
I was able to go to Baggs for church this Sunday. A member of the 1st Ward came with me and then Sister Herring stayed in Craig with Sister Prescott.  That way we were able to hit two wards at once.  Baggs is wonderful and I am going to miss it even though we only go like once a month. 
I hope you all have a great week :) 
Sister Holcomb

Monday, April 17, 2017

Craig 11

It's Because I'm in Colorado and I'm So High
The comment about being high was made because of the elevation, but it made us laugh.
This week someone was going out of town so they asked us to do their farm chores.  That was fun.  I learned Sister Herring really does not like chickens.  She got really good at collecting eggs quickly by the end of the week.  It was actually pretty great. 
This week when we were walking around we found a bunch of credit cards and someone's drivers license on the side of the road. We picked all of them up and realized that among them was his probation officer's number.  We called her and she called him.  We were able to meet up and give all of it back to him.  He was really glad we found all of it.   
We helped a member decorate for her son's wedding reception.  Then later in the afternoon one of the brothers texted everyone on his contact list and invited them to the reception. In the text he said to come and celebrate the eternal marriage of his brother.  He told us we should come and share about what it means.  We went and talked to people, it was great. 
This week Frank said he had the most spiritual experience of his entire life and he knows that what we are teaching him is true.  He won't tell us what happened until our lesson on Tuesday though.  I will have to give a better update next week. 
Sister Herring went to the doctor for her ankle this week.  She ended up teaching the doctor about prophets.  He told his co-worker who is a less-active member that he found it interesting and might ask some questions.  It was awesome. 
Easter was wonderful.  It was awesome to be able to learn all about the reason for Easter all day. We read the story of Christ's resurrection with a few people.  It was cool to be able to hear what that means to everyone.  To me the story really shows how much Jesus loves everyone. 
Have a great week.
Sister Holcomb

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Craig 10

I Went To Meeker

On Tuesday we went on exchanges so I was in Meeker for the day with Sister Walker.  I got to meet someone they are teaching named Willy.  He is super awesome. Right now they are reading the Book of Mormon with him.  He loves it.  He actually went to Harvard to study the Bible.  He loves comparing the two and seeing how they really work together.  Willy is blind and just by shaking your hand and talking to you for a little he can guess what you look like and what your personality is like.  He is actually really spot on. 

Update on Frank.  We taught him the rest of the Plan of Salvation on Thursday then he came to church on SundayOn Sunday there was a member named Fred that just became his new best friend in about 4 seconds.  He sat by Frank in Sacrament meeting then invited him to class and brought him to priesthood [class].  Frank loved all of it. 

Friday was Zone conference.  Sister Herring got all of the elders in our district to do a musical number.  It went quite well they agreed to do it if we found the David Archuleta arrangement of "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" We found one that was close enough and they decided they would just sing part of it in Spanish so it would be close enough.  We also talked a little bit about what each of us learned from Elder Holland.  Zone Conference is always so exciting. 

Sunday we got to go to church in Steamboat for the first time.  The ward there is exciting because there are not that many active families but always a lot of visitors.  We helped teach the youth class for a little.  The young men that were teaching it wanted us to help teach the first vision story.  Then we taught Relief Society.  It ended up going really great.  We talked about coming unto Christ. 

This week we started teaching a couple.  There names are Kim and Bryan.  We taught them the Restoration of the Gospel.  They both loved it. 

Today a member drove us down to Grand Junction.  We went shopping with them and it was a blast. :)

I hope everyone has a really awesome great week.
Sister Holcomb

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Craig 9

A Week of Many Blessings

Well to start it off on Monday we had dinner with a family.  They called us up and said that they used to feed the missionaries when they lived in Texas, but stopped when they moved to Colorado.  One of the missionaries they used to feed messaged them on Facebook and asked if they still fed the missionaries.  They were super nice and they made us super delicious burgers. The bun was a quesadilla then a home made burger, bacon, and whatever else we wanted to put on it. It was awesome. They said they would have us over again sometime, it was great. 
Then later in the week a member of the mission presidency (President and Sister Hall) took us out to lunch and told us they had a referral for us. She was a lady that used to live in their apartment complex in Rangely.  They ran into her here in Craig right before they met up with us and she said that she was super glad to see them, they were always so happy.  They decided to send us over.  We have now taught her a few times and as we were leaving last time she said, "I am really glad the Halls sent you guys." 
Then the greatest miracle of the week is Frank.  He called us during the week and said that he had requested to meet with missionaries and that no one came, and he called Salt Lake and they told him to call us.  We met him on Thursday and taught him the restoration.  He loved it. Then we met up again on Saturday.  He told us that he has been praying about it and that he is half way through Nephi.  He feels like he is on the right path so he is going to keep going because he just feels really peaceful about it.  We got half way through the Plan of Salvation and he was like, "I love how this all makes sense.  All the lines connect.  It is literally just a straight line."  He also watched the Saturday afternoon session of conference.  We asked him if he liked it.  He said that the whole 70's thing was confusing but he looked it up and he is not worried because he will learn it all eventually but other then that he loved it.
Then to top it all off this weekend was General Conference.  Conference really was amazing.  I loved all the talks about trusting. Also, for conference our Bishop and his family always have Sushi.  They let us come over and join them so that was super fun.  I actually really like sushi.  I used to not really, but it was Sister Webster's favorite food so she made me appreciate it. They let me help make it so that was fun.  I am going to be a super pro sushi chef when I get home. LOL. The bishops family is awesome.  It kind of reminds me of our family probably because there are three younger boys.  The oldest one is Isaac's age and then the youngest one is 11 so kind of around Henry's age.
Also the new Easter video came out this week and it is wonderful. 
This week we also went to a soccer game for a little.  Most of the young women are on the team.  It was fun.  Sister Herring also sprained her ankle on Wednesday and that was exciting.  It is basically healed now though so that is awesome. 
I hope everyone has a great week.
[Just a quick note: the links are links I've found and added to help define a term, they are not links to lessons Ana has used while teaching. "General Conference" is linked to this last session of conference in case you choose to listen to the talks she is mentioning and the "Easter video" link is to the Easter video she is talking about] 

[random cave they found while walking]

[on a hike]

 [part of the Bishop's family with their sushi dinner]
[here's the photo Bishop Prescott sent me that has Ana & her companion in it too]