Monday, February 27, 2017

Craig 4

 When You Accidentally Start A Riot On the Bus About Pizza :/
Well last Monday Sister Herring made me get my nails done.  I told her that I had never been to a salon and gotten them done.  The lady was super nice; her name was Brooklyn.  She is also 19 so the three of us just partied it up. Then we went to Village Inn which reminded me of all the times I went after band concerts at USU so that was fun. 
Tuesday was a very exciting day.  In the morning we taught this lady named Denese. We helped her move her bed then taught her all about the plan of salvation.  At the end she was like "when can I be baptized?" In the morning Sister Prescott said she has a friend that she really wants to share the gospel with, but is nervous.  We said we could come over that evening.  Sister Prescott decided to tell her friend that we are sharing an Easter message and are wondering if we could share it with her. Her friend said yes she would love to come.  It turned out to be an awesome lesson.  We ended up sharing the Easter video from last year.  Her friend had questions and now she wants to learn a little more.  We also met this really sweet girl named Zandra.  We shared the restoration with her and she wants to learn more about what we believe. 
Wednesday I was on an exchange in Steamboat. [An "exchange" is when the missionaries mix it up a bit with who is paired with who] This is where the pizza story comes in.  The Sister I was with (Sister Tams) loves this pizza place called Beau Jo's Pizza.  We were on the bus and started talking with this family from New York.  She recommended it to them.  Then another person on the bus was like, "that place is disgusting."  It turned into this huge thing that every person on the bus got into about whether or not they like this pizza place.  We didn't even notice it was our stop until the bus driver yelled, "Hey girls! This is your stop!"  oops.  It was pretty fun though.  I also met the mortician and I learned that St. Cloud is apparently a really great place to get headstones.  Good to know. 
[Thursday?] We finally were able to meet with Kathy again.  She has been really sick. 
Friday was zone conferences. We got to drive to Rifle which is always a party. 
It was also Stake Conference this weekend.  The Stake was being reorganized so there were two Seventies there. In a talk that one of them gave he talked about when Jesus healed the girl who was sick and on his way he healed the women who touched his robe.  He talked about how the man must have felt when Jesus stopped to figure out who touched him.  He said maybe he was frustrated and was like we need to hurry my daughter is dying and then when he was told his daughter was dead if his faith faltered a little and he thought Jesus was to late.  Jesus said she was only sleeping.  He helped both not just rushing to help the one. I thought that was cool I never really thought about how the man might have felt. 
Have a great week,
Sister Holcomb

Monday, February 20, 2017

Craig 3

First off shout out to Sister Robinson for opening the family history center so we can email today for an hour and 15 minutes instead of 45 tomorrow; she is the best.

Also yay! Dustin got baptized.  We honestly were not sure that he would be ready by Saturday.  We somehow were able to teach him everything he needed to know.  As of last week we had like 10 more things we needed to teach him.  It was awesome.  His Grandpa came and baptized him.  Some people from the ward came.  Everyone could feel the Spirit and it was awesome.  Sister Herring did a musical number.  For some reason people have it in their head that I can conduct music, so I was in charge of that. 

For Valentines day we went to a member's home.  It was their birthday.  The elders dressed up and sang Happy Birthday.  It was super fun.  Elder Leon is from Mexico and loves fiestas so it was a blast.  A member's birthday was on Wednesday.  Her husband called us and told us he had a job for us.  He needed us go and buy $40 worth of balloons and somehow get them to his house without her knowing so she would wake up and her room would be full of balloons.  Somehow we managed to do it and she was surprised.  

This week for Kierstens lesson we talked about goals.  We made cupcakes while we talked about it.  The frosting was the goal and the ingredients were how you would accomplish the goal. We had to leave before the cupcakes were done, but she said they were delicious.  

On Friday we were out walking and felt like we should go to the church.  We had no idea why but we did.  On our way we saw this man outside his house and asked him if we could share a message about Jesus Christ. He said he was not interested, but his wife might be.  We asked his wife and she let us in.  We ended up talking about faith.  She just recently decided to start going to church and felt like she did not have as much faith as everyone else that grew up going to church.  It was super cool and we are going to see her again on Tuesday

There is this one Mexican restaurant in the mall here in Craig. It is basically all that is still open [today since it's President's Day].  That is except for the dance studio across from it.  I decided that it is only still open because it is what you see when you are in the restaurant so people are like, "oh look a dance studio. I should sign my kid up for dance."  That is how they get business.  It is a super good restaurant though so if you are ever in Craig you should check it out. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Craig 2

Kiersten got baptized

Kiersten's baptism was wonderful.  She is a killer missionary.  Her dad who is not a member said the opening prayer.  Her brother who no longer comes to church said the closing prayer. She also invited some of her friends from gymnastics.  Then Sister Herring and I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost.  I have never given a talk with two people but it worked out really nice.  Most of her family came and it was really awesome.  
Wednesday night for mutual the youth all learned how to make sushi.  They invited the missionaries so we decided to go for a little.  It was super fun and yummy.  It made me think of Sister Webster since that is her favorite food.  
Thursday we went up to Baggs.  The missionaries had not been to Baggs since August.  We met mainly with members so that we would know the ward a little more.  We decided that we will try to go up at least twice a month.  The members seem excited for us to come back.  We asked and there are about 350 people in Baggs.  
There is this family that is fixing a house.  We helped tape all the windows so they could paint.  They made us wear these really awesome jump suits so we would stay clean.  
This Saturday Dustin another one of our investigators is getting baptized. :) He is a 10 year old boy that loves science.  He is super excited and his Grandpa is coming from Uncompahgre  to baptize him.  
Our super awesome Jump suits

Craig in a picture

Monday, February 6, 2017

Craig 1

You're in Craig. Everything is Legal!

Well my first week in Craig has been quite exciting.  Sister Herring got stuck in a snow bank on our first day. Luckily there was a nice man who saw us and pulled up in his truck to pull our car out of the snow.
There is this 10 year old girl that we are teaching, her name is Kirsten.  She has been looking into the church for 2 years now (her mom is a member). She is getting baptized on Saturday!  She is super awesome.  We taught her the word of wisdom this week with shaving cream.  We put a bunch on the table then drew in it what we were talking about.  For example we talked about no smoking so we drew the no smoking sign.  Things like that.  It was super fun.  
We also do service for this lady named Kathy.  We also teach her a little.  She does not really like the Book of Mormon because she thinks there is too much war.  We read a chapter with her of when Jesus Christ comes and she really liked it because she did not believe us that there was a chapter with no war.  She also loved how Jesus when he came to the Americas he taught the same thing he was teaching in Jerusalem.  It was a super awesome lesson and we all could definitely feel the Spirit. She agreed to start from the beginning and read the Book of Mormon.  
On Thursday I went on exchanges with the sisters in Rifle. Sister Herring is an STL (in charge of making sure that all the sisters are okay basically) The sisters there are Spanish so I spoke that for a day.  Actually I just said Hola.  I can also kind of say I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet.  
There is a member in the ward that is making this giant paper mache tree.  For service sometimes we help her do that.  It is super fun. 
There is this super sweet old lady named Bobbie that we do service for.  We take out her dog and help her clean.  We have been teaching her about listening to the spirit.  
This week in Craig has been super fun.  It is definitely different then Denver, but still awesome. :)