Monday, October 31, 2016

Centennial 5

Happy Halloween! 

"The only ghost I believe in is the Holy Ghost"
That is a quote from this lady we talked to who does not believe in Halloween because it is evil.   

This week was a party.  On Monday our Ward Mission Leader has a Family Home Evening(FHE) at his house that we can invite people to come to.  Last Monday we carved pumpkins and it was Sister Paongo's first time.  

On Thursday I gave a training on the Plan of Salvation in district meeting.  Then Sunday the topic in Sacrament meeting was the Plan of Salvation.  Then in our class after The Ward Mission Leader (Toby Rice) was like Sister Holcomb you should teach us the Plan of Salvation.  Sister Paongo was like good choice this is her topic.  I totally had to wing it though so it was pretty bad.  
Friday was our Trunk or Treat and as Toby's mom would say it was the  We went over earlier in the day to help Jenny(Sister Rice) and Cinida (Toby's Mom) get everything ready.  Our trunk was really intense.  We also helped make chili which won by the way.  *insert hair flip* Cinida framed her certificate.  Our trunk was a carmel apple stand.  They still had a lot of apples.  We set up a place for the kids to dip their apple then put topping on it and we blasted Halloween music.  Camri also helped us out.  For the trunk or treat Sister Paongo was Harry Potter, I was Luna Lovegood, and Camri borrowed the Ravenclaw robe so we would all match.  

Cinida also said she would come to church next Sunday since it is sister Paongo's last Sunday on her mission.  Toby told Camri and I that if we got his mom to church he would buy us each a car.  Watch out Toby.  

The story of how we met Camri is kind of funny.  The first time we were visting her mom and sharing a thought. The family does not come to church anymore.  Camri listened and just kind of sat there.  Then a few weeks later we went to help her neighbor take down a picture from her wall. Her neighbor is not really interested in hearing about the gospel but she let us come help her.  We enlisted the elders and Toby to help.  We were running late with Toby so the Elders had already taken the picture down.  It is a good thing though because then Camri came over to warn her neighbor that there was an animal killing raccoons so make sure to keep her dog in.  Toby was like, "what an animal killing raccoons?" So of course we had to go check it out.  We went over and found out it was a coyote.  Through this whole adventure Camri ended up becoming friends with Toby.  Now she is basically always at the Rice's.  Her home life is crazy so we are all okay with her always being over there and getting out of her house.  She is also 19 and we are the only 19 year olds in the ward so go us.  She comes to our FHE thing and she has come to church a few times.  

1. our pumpkins
2. the caramel apple station

3. Toby Jenny and us sisters
4. All of us

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Centennial 4

When Your Stunt Double Steals Your Identity

I went on an exchange with sister Davies on Wednesday and it was a blast.  We ended up teaching this guy who has this really crazy intense story and I guess the gist of everything and the root of all his problems is that his stunt double stole his identity.  We also of course got McDonald's ice cream cones and some triple filtered water because they are the best.  

On Thursday when we got out of a lesson with a member there was this giant marching band festival going on.  I got to hear some of the songs as we drove by. It was wonderful.  

Friday I had to call the tiwi [?] place to see if they could take the aggressive driving off my card.  For like three days every time I turned right on one road it would give me an "aggressive driving."  When I called I had a total of about 15. The guy I talked to was super cool and friendly.  I found out he served his mission with David Archuleta.  

Saturday we helped the Rice's(the ward mission leader) can and make things.  We made apple sauce, apple butter, spaghetti noodles and sauce, and a cake.  I decided I really like using the food processor and juicer.

Sister Paongo and I decided that we are going to be Captain America and Iron Man for Halloween this year. I feel like that describes our relationship. 

Sunday at dinner this lady told us this story that I am going to try and repeat.  So you are at a baseball game and Satan is the pitcher.  Love steps up to bat and makes it to first.  Faith steps up and makes it to first.  Wisdom steps up and also makes it to first.  All the bases are loaded.  Then Grace steps up who kind of looks like this little guy.  Satan is like we got this.  Then Grace hits the ball, the ball hits the pitcher in the head knocking him out and the ball goes over the fence.  Everyone makes it home.  This story shows that we can have all the love, faith, and wisdom in the world but we need grace to get back home to out Heavenly Father.
Sister Holcomb

Monday, October 17, 2016

Centennial 3

 [Ana didn't send a picture to go with this letter this time, but I've included lots of links- if you have any questions about the links please ask and/or visit or]
This week was exciting.  On Wednesday this lady the Elders were teaching got baptized.  That was super exciting and we got to go because she wanted Sister Paongo [Ana's companion] to sing with the Elders.  
At the baptism I met this little 5 year old who is my new best friend. I saw her again on Saturday at the Fort Collins Temple cultural event.  She wanted to sit by me the entire time :) I also got to see Ariel.  Jose also was there so it was really nice to talk to them and see how they are doing.  Jose said that even though he was not baptized he has been able to see the difference that the gospel has made in his life and he is glad that I knocked on his door.  That was nice to hear especially since we have not been able to find anyone. 
The cultural event was great. I am pretty sure Camille Toronto [someone who used to live in our stake here] was in it so that was exciting.  President Uchtdorf said something that I loved.  He stood up and pulled two things out of his pocket.  His temple recommend and a mini For the Strength of Youth pamphlet.  He said he always has both of them because "you cannot have one without the other."  If you are obeying the standards in the For the Strength of Youth then you are a worthy temple recommend holder and if you are a temple recommend holder then you are following the standards.  It was a good reminder of how important it is to follow the things talked about in the For the Strength of Youth even if the rest of the world does not.  You really cannot have one with out the other. Even though that is simple it is true. 
Uchtdorf mentioned the importance of the youth and preparing to be temple worthy.  He also said to make sure we are studying our scriptures and strengthening our testimony in Christ.  It was also really emphasized to make sure that the temple is the center of our lives and not worldly things.  It is super important to take all of our concerns and doubts there.  Sunday was the temple dedication and that was also super nice.
We met this lady named Danelle this week.  She was really sad; we found out that it so happened to be her birthday and no one had remembered.  We sang to her and talked for a little. She was not interested in learning more, but I am still glad we met her and could brighten her day. 
I love you all

{in addition to that letter here are some questions I asked Ana and some of  her letter back}
Good morning Ana :-)
How are you doing? 
How are things going with your companion? 
How do you like the ward mission leader in the ward you are in now? 
Did you get the package I sent? 
How are the fall colors?  The leaves are really looking pretty around here. 
Is it getting cold out there?  Let me know if you want long underwear or anything to keep you warm.  Grandma mailed your package last week so you should get it sometime this week if not today. 
When you transfer do you text some members of the ward to say goodbye?  I remember some missionaries have done that to us before, but not lately.   
I also mentioned we still don't know what we are going to be for Halloween and the ward fall party is Saturday, sent her the picture of Isaac & his XC team visiting him at work, and my parable of the crock pot (if you aren't familiar with it and are curious, message or email me).
  My companion and I seem to be doing a little better.  I love the ward mission leader in my ward now.  He is super great.  I got your package and  I also got grandmas package.  
The leaves look really pretty.  It really has not gotten too cold yet in my opinion, my companion might disagree.  When I left Bowels grove I texted Ariel to say bye but I got to see her again on Saturday because the stake was having a picnic.  We just ran up to each other and hugged for like 5 minutes and the elder she was sitting by said guys it has only been 3 weeks.  We were like three weeks too long.
[Ariel is the mom that Ana told to call me with a question she had, and her daughter, pictured in a previous post super loved Ana.]
You could always be super heroes for Halloween. The fall festival is always fun.  I am glad Isaac's team is so fun. It is true that Heavenly Father will place people in your path.  Every time I  start to think I miss home I remember all of the new people I have met.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Centennial 2

This week we had to drop all of our investigators so now we have a teaching pool of zero.  That does mean that it can only go up from here.  We are trying to work with less actives.  Jose also decided he no longer wants to be baptized since he does not want to pay tithing.  That was really hard.  We heart attacked the Bowles Grove sisters with over 100 hearts to try to cheer them up a little.  We are doing a lot of finding pretty much all day. 
On Friday we had our interviews with the mission president, so we could get our temple recommends for  the Fort Collins Temple dedication next Sunday. The stake is having a picnic for the cultural even so that should be fun.  That is on Saturday
This Sunday was busy because we got a new Bishop.  It was my first time in that ward so I did not really know the old one.  Apparently there was a lot more people at church then usual. LOL I wonder why... The house we had dinner at had a cool garage though.  There was this less active family that came to church.  We realized after that they are not in our area they live in Denver.  They had to walk over 8 miles to get to church so that shows dedication. 
Sister Paongo and I are trying to figure out what to do for Halloween.  Any ideas? Reminder that we do still have to be in proselyting clothes

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Centennial 1

Cornerstone Park
[this is a picture from Ana's USU best friend's mom to me- Ana and someone from Kate's home ward met on exchanges <3]
I am not sure what to say.  I am still trying to get over the fact that Charlie Puth was at USU last Friday and I missed it. 

Conference this week end was really great though.  I found it so interesting that they focused so much on the gospel of Jesus Christ and the plan of happiness because that is basically what we focus on as missionaries. 

It was hard to say goodbye to Sister Davies I am very grateful that I get to see her all the time.  Even though we do not really get to talk for that long though. 

I miss Bowles Grove (especially Ariel ;))but the members in Cornerstone Park are nice.  I also drive every where now which is exciting so I will not forget how to drive.  

My new district leader is from Minnesota so that is cool. 

A lot of drama is going down with the investigators in Bowles Grove as of Sunday night so we will see what happens with that.    

There is this really amazing smoothie shop in my area now.  This could be bad for my finances but I don't feel bad about it because smoothies are healthy.  I think that it is probably a good thing that I have never been to Jamba juice otherwise my smoothie shop love would have started long ago and I would have no money.