Monday, June 26, 2017

Uncompahgre 3

We went hiking this morning, that was fun.  President and Sister Hall took us up to the Grand Mesa.  Sister Poulton and I got matching sweatshirts so that is exciting.  We also had interviews with President Gifford today and it was nice to see them again.  President Gifford got sick so he had to cancel last zone conference so we have not seen them since April.  He is doing a lot better though so no worries.  

This week after district meeting it was one of the Elders' year mark so we made fried oreos. They were super delicious.  

Awesome Mike story this week.  We taught him about temples this week. He has been asking questions and we were like, "Be patient we will get to it."  Well, we were teaching about doing baptisms for deceased ancestors.  He was like, "wow that is so cool! I have been thinking about that. I wanted to baptize my brother, but I didn't know I actually could. That is so cool." (his brother passed away about 4 years ago). He also is trying really hard to get his mom and brother to come to church.  We had a lesson at Mike's house and Jodi and CK both were there and listened.  CK didn't want to come outside so it was great that he came and listened.  

Omar (the satellite man story) is doing good.  He does not have a phone and is always super busy so it is kind of hard to contact him.   We were able to see him the other day though right before he was out the door.   We asked him if he had read the pamphlet and guess what? He did.  He had it all marked up and said that when he got to the end he was kind of sad that there was not more.  He also read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and wanted to read more of it.  

Joan is doing good and was super excited that she was able to make it to church two weeks in a row.  

I forgot my planner in the car so I am really not sure what what else happened this week.

I hope you all have a super fantastic great week.
[Follow up from last week, Ana said they did get the satellite guy's contact info and he turned out to be a member from Fruita, "so that was exciting." About skinning a rabbit, she did find "the rabbit thing interesting because from science perspective." 
"The Pulsiphers said, 'yes' they remember grandma." My Grandma asked me to ask Ana if she met Bishop Pulsipher since she knew him when she lived in Paonia, in that stake, and it turns out he is the ward mission leader now and he and his family are who the Sisters are staying with.
The people who took Ana and her companion hiking took a whole bunch of pictures and emailed them to her today so she forwarded them to me. So lucky us, we get pictures of Ana and beautiful Colorado :-)]

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