Monday, July 3, 2017

Uncompahgre 4

Blame It On the Nuns
There is this recent convert that we teach.  He has this girlfriend that is super jealous/mad that he meets with the sisters. He explained it to her that we are basically nuns so that she does not get super mad.  In our lesson something came up and we were like, "just blame it on the nuns."  He said that sounds like a good band name or video game id name.  

Zone Conference was this week and that was exciting.  I also have basically had Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise stuck in my head all week. It is the mission song.  

This week we taught Joan and she is doing well.  She read the Book of Mormon on her own a little this week which is really big.  She does not totally understand why she needs to read it on her own and how reading it with us is not enough.  We brought a member this week who told her that when she was learning about the church her answers came faster and it was easier to understand them when she was reading the Book of Mormon.

Mike is doing great.  He wasn't able to make it to church yesterday because he got sick.  Later that day we brought him soup which made him laugh.  He had a question about how he can make his personal prayers more meaningful.  We ended up finding an Ensign article all about it so we dropped that off.     

We were able to teach Omar the Restoration of the Gospel so that he could better understand where the Book of Mormon came from.  We have to remember to explain things very simply.  He is full of questions and has a desire to learn which is awesome.  

We were in charge of mutual this week and that was a lot of fun. We talked about Individual Worth. We did the first value experience with them then had them write on shields what they liked about themselves.  Then we had a crazy flour dodge ball war and talked about how with our worth (shields) it is a lot easier to block the fiery darts (the flour).

Happy Fourth of July!   

Have a great week.

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