Monday, July 10, 2017

Uncompahgre 5

I Almost Gave My Family The Plague
Well in zone conference last week we had a talk on how we need to be careful out in the country because the black plague is still very much alive and they do not want us to get sick so watch for fleas and stuff.   Well, we were at one of our investigators' house and our member said she saw a flea jump on her from the dog while we were outside.  She also warned us to be careful.  Well, remember a few weeks ago when we skinned rabbits? Well, we each got to keep rabbit feet.  Well, we were letting them dry in the sun and we went to check on them and they had fleas so that was an adventure.  We do not think the fleas had the plague but better safe then sorry.  I was thinking about sending the rabbit feet home but now I decided it might be better not too. 
We started teaching a new family called the Roybals.  The dad is a member and the rest of the family is not.  They are super awesome.  
For the Fourth of July we went to Mike's house and had a BBQ with his family that was super fun.  We also asked CK if he would pray and then open the scriptures and find his answer.  He actually tried it, yay.  
Omar is doing great, he made it to church yesterday.  He felt the Spirit so strong during the sacrament that it scared him.  The member that was sitting with him told him to wait until sacrament was over then he could step out.  He ended up staying for all of the first talk then leaving to go in the hall to regroup then he came back in for a little.  He said he would definitely come back.  
We also started teaching a man named Chuck.  He was being taught by the Elders in Montrose.  He ended up coming to work for a member and is now living on the property.  The member found out and we now started meeting with him again.  We had a super awesome lesson on Friday and we invited him to church.  He was like, "Well I will have to look at my work schedule and check." The member was like, "I think we can figure something out."  It was great.  
I hope you all have a fantastic week.

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